>The Way I See It

>The Zionists were behind 9/11. Having control of over 90% of the mass media, they thought they could make sure that the lie that Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden were responsible would be told over and over again until it was believed. And by many, believed it was. And still is, but not by all.

Using 9/11 as the pretense, the Zionists attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, utilizing the US military, in their so-called and never ending ‘war on terror.” Simultaneously, they attacked what was left of our liberties in the United States, which liberties, along with Islamics, are the Zionists’ major potential enemies.

They started Christian America fighting Islam – Huntington’s ‘clash of cultures.’ The Zionist will not stop there. Using their puppet, George Bush, ‘the decider,’ who is deciding to do all things not in the best interests of America, but of Israel, they will continue to beat the war drums against Iran as they prepare to attack that nation next, quite likely with nuclear weapons, as a display of their superior power.

In Iran, like Iraq, the mission will not be easily accomplished. Iran will counter, and WWIII will rapidly expand into other parts of the Middle East and beyond. Oil flow, the lifeblood of any economy, will be disrupted and along with it the ecomomies in much of the world. China and Russia, as a counter to Zionist power and hegemony in the Middle East, will intercede on behalf of Iran.

What is left of the Constitution – that ‘goddamned piece of paper’ – will be ignored by the very ones it was designed to keep in check, the US government, as an outdated document that has not kept up with our 21st Century problems and issues, ie, their plans for complete control over the American citizenry.

Elections in the US will finally be seen by a great majority as worthless. This majority will also realize that Congress, to the man, is corrupt or its members blackmailable. The one or two exceptions, like Ron Paul, don’t have a chance of making it into office. They’d be eliminated, ala Paul Wellstone, long before that ever happened.

In short, the US government is going to do what ever it wants to do, and that isn’t good for the people of America.

It will be criminal to deny both of the Zionist’s plots, the Holocaust and the Official Government 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. Deny either – go to jail.

Illegal aliens, as planned, will continue to flood into the United States, bringing crime and disease with them, and now, social security benefits back home with them. This will be encouraged by the politicians and our government, despite our demands. Stife between minorities and the now awakened white majority will make our major cities battlefields. Agent provocateurs, black ops and false flag ops will proliferate in the United States. Another 9/11 type event will occur, and be blamed on Islamic extremists and other so-called white hate groups working within the US. Many will be arrested in newly and hastily passed ‘hate-crime’ laws.

When the dollar finally collapses as planned, and economic chaos ensues as planned, the millions of dis-enfranchised and un-employed will take to the streets. The Police State that has become America will be mobilized. The military will be called out to restore order, never mind the Posse Comitatus Act, that’s been negated. Many dissenters and other ‘terrorists’ will be thrown into the detention camps Cheney’s Halliburton is busy building. Many of these people will be tortured and never heard of or from again, as habeas corpus is no more in America.

The internet, that has been the bane of the Zionists and other enemies of the people of the free world, will be severely interrupted, disrupting communication between the unorganized splintered groups trying to fight the tyranical behemoth waging war against them. Rumors will abound.

Many alarmed citizens will attempt to leave the US. Those formerly helping the illegal immigrants come into the United States, will be helping Americans flee the United States.

Most of America’s elites will be safe in their enclaves – like Cheney on his ranch in Wyoming, Bush in Crawford, Bremmer in his newly purchased house on the lake next to Bush Senior in Switzerland. If things get too out of hand, George Bush, Laura and their twin daughters will high-tail it to their newly acquired property – 173,000 acres – in Paraquay. They will, of course, be protected by the military located at Mariscal Estigarribia. And convenietly, Paraguay has granted American military personnel immunity from prosecution by the national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction. We can safely assume, as Commander in Chief, this includes George W. “Mission Acomplished’ Bush.

However, many of the disenfrachised will see the chaos as an opportunity to settle old scores against the thousands of corrupt politicians, judges, attorneys and other misfits that have made life miserable for honest citizens. Many otherwise law abiding and upright citizens will take matters into their own hands.

All the various factions that have been fighting peacemeal the Zionist Bush Regime will finally realize that they need to unite in their struggle against the tyranny facing them. No one will care any longer about being labeled an anti-Semite. Many innocent Jews, because they will be easier prey than the Zionist elites, will be blamed for the chaos and persecuted.

What the end result will be is anyone’s guess. Odds are in favor of the people, but perhaps only after a long and bloodly battle.

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