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>Zionism and Zundel

>The recent ‘trial’ in Germany of Ernst Zundel shows the rest of us goyim the power of Zionism intimidation. Through so called ‘hate-crime’ laws, the Zionists were able to get a man – legally in the United States – married … Continue reading

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>Censorship by Google in the United States

>I received this email late Wednesday night after I attempted to view the video “The 9/11 Solution”: Charles, On 2/10/07 I posted “The 9/11 Solution”, and since then our logs show that 19,802 have visited the page and seen the … Continue reading

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>Wiping Israel off the Map

>The Zionist controlled media is repeating the lie that “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map” over and over again. As with any translating from one language, in this case Persian, into English, mis-translations can occur. And indeed they … Continue reading

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