>Zionism and Zundel

>The recent ‘trial’ in Germany of Ernst Zundel shows the rest of us goyim the power of Zionism intimidation. Through so called ‘hate-crime’ laws, the Zionists were able to get a man – legally in the United States – married to an American – extradited to Canada – to waste an entire year solitarily confined in a Canadian cell – considered a ‘threat to national security’ – denied simple everyday items such as writing materials – given only pencil stubs and scraps of paper on which to write – denied media access afforded to murderers and rapists – denied a chair or blankets – and then dragged to Germany for a kangaroo trial – held there two years without a conviction – for things said on a web site – run by his wife Ingrid Rimland – in a country where what was said was legal – and then sent to prison for five years – all of this for a man who is 67 years old.

Zundel’s crime? He refused to bend the knee.

All over the world, and particularly in the United States where Ernst Zundel was living, a person can deny God exists, deny Jesus Christ ever existed, refuse to believe the world was created with no problem. Atheists – there is no God – or agnostics – we don’t know if there is a God – are free to believe whatever they want to believe. Even Jews are left alone to believe that Jesus Christ was not their Messiah. They are even left alone even though they are responsible for His death – an ignoble death on a cross.

But are the Zionists content to let others believe what they want to believe about one chapter in history – the alleged holocaust – that allegedly took place over 60 years ago? Oh, no. They have actively worked to get so-called ‘hate crimes’ laws enacted in many countries – Canada, France, Germany and Austria among others. The Zionists have also been working over time to get similar ‘anti-Semitic’ hate crime laws enacted in the United States.

How hypocritical of the Western world to condemn and ridicule Muslims for taking offense at cartoons that mocked Mohammed – proclaiming loudly that the West cherished their right to freedom of speech and expression and that the Muslim world should too. The “coalition of the willing,” led by USrael, to make sure the Muslims institute freedom of expression, has been bringing democracy to the people of the Middle East – Iraq being the first phase and entitled ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom.’ For nations such as the United States, Canada and Germany, to extradite, detain unnecessarily for three years without a conviction and try – in a kangaroo court – and then imprison a man like Zundel, for freely expressing his belief that alleged atrocities that allegedly happened 60 years ago has been embellished and exaggerated since then and may not be as we have been told – is a atrocity in itself.

The West has been bombarded by the Zionist controlled media repeatedly with propaganda about the sacrosanct holocaust and the ‘six million’ for sixty years. To even question or investigate any aspect of the holy holocaust, the casus belli, not only for the state of Israel, but for every criminal act of genocide or apartheid they wish to commit, is to be attacked in acts of intimidation and tarred with the dreaded ‘anti-Semitic’ label, as President Jimmy Carter was just recently.

Enough is enough. Let’s hope the Muslims don’t get the idea to start incarcerating elderly Americans, Canadians, Frenchmen or Germans living within their countries for not believing Mohammed is the Prophet of God.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >You didn’t mention how these “trials” are conducted in Germany. The accused is not allowed to enter evidence to prove his case, nor to call expert witnesses to testify in his defense. If the lawyers for the accused try to defend him, they are removed from the courtroom and charged with Holocaust denial themselves. The accused is not a “defendant” because there is no presumption of innocense. If the judge had acquitted Zündel, he would have been charged with a crime too. Two of Zündel’s lawyers have already been indicted and a third one is expected to be indicted for the crime of Holocaust denial. It doesn’t matter if what Zündel said about the Holocaust is true or not, it is a crime to say it.

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