>If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong, Why Worry?

>We hear this ooze from the brainwashed all the time. If the government is eavesdropping on what you say, looking into your emails, watching you on camera or searching through your house or car, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” “Even the innocent have to give up some of their freedoms to catch the guilty,” the thinking goes.

Problem with this ‘logic’ is that it assumes the government has rights and we the people don’t. All government employees, the last time I checked, be they law enforcement, immigration, custom officials, judges, district attorneys, politicians, or other bureaucrats, every single one of them, work for ‘we the people.’ That is, ‘we the people’ are the boss, not the other way around. Our employees have no right to spy on us, either in public or in our personal lives. They have no need – unless they have reasonable suspicion to believe that there are some among us who have committed or about to commit a crime – and then they must convince a judge to issue a warrant to investigate us for a crime – to be spying on us. And the reason for their surveillance of the potential criminals is to protect us, not gather information about us that may be used against us in some illegal or immoral way. Employees don’t conduct surveillance of their employers without a compelling reason.

The idea that if “we have done nothing wrong we have got nothing to worry about” has got things backwards. If we have done nothing wrong, they there is no need to be spying on us, is there? No need to be watching our every move.

We don’t see our employees – our bureaucrats – asking if they can aim the cameras at themselves, do we? That we install cctvs in their lunch rooms or aimed at the water cooler. No, it’s always the government that wants to aim the cameras at us to record what we are doing.

And yet it seems it’s the government that has something to hide. The service station across from the Pentagon had its cctv recordings confiscated by the FBI within minutes after an alleged hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon. These recordings were taken on private property by private individuals for their private use, and yet a government agency, the FBI, came and demanded they be given to them, as evidence of a crime. True enough, the private cctv recordings may contain evidence of a crime, but why is it that we have only been shown two frames of what must be an entire recording? Why don’t our employees show us the entire recording and let us – the Employer – make up our minds for ourselves as to what hit the Pentagon? Perhaps it is our employees, the Federal government, that is the criminal in this case. If the government has nothing to hide, what are they worried about?

The same could be said for the Sheraton Hotel cctv recordings. They also must show what happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon, but we haven’t been shown those clips either. Ditto the cctv recordings of the dozens of cameras around the perimeter of the Pentagon. If the government has nothing to hide, what are they worried about? THEY are hiding something, and yet the cameras are facing us!

“I have nothing to hide, but I don’t like being treated as if I have.”

Nothing I do is necessarily ‘wrong’ but that doesn’t mean I want people I don’t know or trust to know about what I do or where I go or who I see, or what I say or listen to. I’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide but I don’t want people looking at my medical information or my financial matters. Its none of their business.

The United States government has held several hundred people at Guantanomo Bay for several years and then let them go after the said they found they had done nothing wrong. Don’t do anything wrong but lose a few years of your life, get tortured as a bonus and then let go because you’ve done nothing wrong? Our government can do that and we don’t do anything about it?

The government is not full of good people. Quite, it appears, the opposite is the case. Good people are avoiding government – the bad has driven out the good. That being the case, I don’t want the government to be accumulating information about me that will most likely get into the hands of bad people. Why make it easier for them to get information about me? That’s why the IRS now accuses people of tax evasion, presumes your guilty and you have to prove you’re innocent.

The less our government, which is full of bad people, know about us, the better. In fact, since our government is so full of bad people,I suggest we install cameras to watch their every move.

If they are doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about, do they?

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