>It’s the "D" Word, not the "R" Word.

>The US economy is heading into a depression, not a recession. But that is the last thing the Zionist controlled media want you to know. Hence, the dreaded “R” word is substituted, albeit reluctantly.

The evidence for depression is all there:

Merrill Lynch & Co. – the world’s largest stockbroker and one of the major backers of mortgage bonds – and Jewish owned – reported the worst quarter in its history, losing $9.8-billion (U.S.) in the final three months of last year and wiping more than $16-billion worth of bad loans off its books. That raises Merrill’s housing-related losses to nearly $24-billion in 2007.


Citbank, the world’s largest financial institute and the US’ largest corporation is insolvent. When a Jewish controlled financial institution needs $7.5 billion in funds from an Arab source at 11% interest w/favorable future options, you know Citibank is gasping for air. Washington Mutual is going to close 190 offices and lay off 4000. And then there is the insolvent Countrywide.

Chrysler Corporation is “operationally bankrupt.” Both Ford and GM have been running on less than all cylinders for years.

The Jewish controlled central banks are infusing billions upon billions in the US, the UK and Europe, not to ease the credit crunch, as they would like everyone to believe, but to bail out their Jewish bankers buddies for all those bad and criminal financial activities they have been dealing in and pushing worldwide for the past several years.

Inflation is galloping upward.

The dollar is plummeting, causing the price of oil – and gold – to head skyward.

Housing starts are at their lowest level since 1980, the last time the US went into a severe recession. The difference is, this time, there is an inventory of unsold homes that will be available at rock bottom prices far into the housing horizon. This mountain of inventory was created by the Jewish Alan “Maestro’ Greenspan of the Jewish owned and controlled private Federal Reserve Bank. Historically, housing, particularly new housing, has driven the US economy as consumers buy durable goods for their new homes. Not going to happen this time.

The US taxpayer is being bled dry by a non-winnable war for Israel in the Middle East with the insane possibility of another attack against Iran for the same Israel, further draining the US of both resources and credibility around the world.

The US government has put future generations of Americans in debt for these wars of aggression, a debt that can and will never be repaid. In short, the faith in the US is faltering worldwide. And it faith that is keeping non-Americans to continue to accept the US dollar in exchange for their goods and services. This faith is rapidly declining, as more and more nations switch their reserve currency out of the dollar and for the most part, into the Euro.

The American consumer is in debt over their ears – credit card, mortgage – with no relieve in sight. Consequently, the consumer will not be leading the US economy out of this depression in the foreseeable future.

Yes, as much as the mainstream media is trying to hide that fact, the US economy is heading for a depression, the likes of which will make the 1930s look like a mild recession in comparison.

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