>Spielberg’s and Farrow’s Chutzpah

>China lashes out against Darfur critics in Olympics row

China has voiced regret at Steven Spielberg’s withdrawal as an artistic adviser for the Summer Olympics because of Chinese involvement in Sudan, and in its first response to his decision has lashed out at those it accused of having ulterior motives.

The snub from the Oscar-winning director this week coincided with a public protest by a group of Nobel prizewinners and Olympic athletes critical of Beijing’s record in Darfur, who addressed a letter to Hu Jintao, President of China.

Excuse me, Mr. Spielberg. Don’t you have any complaints about what your Tribe is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? Why are you upset about what you perceive as ‘Chinese involvment in Sudan” when your own people are involved in genocide in Palestine?

You ‘won’ your Oscar for your propaganda piece, Schindler’s List, which was used to help perpetuate the HolyHoax, and was given to you by your fellow Jewish Hollywood moguls, so don’t think your award means anything to us Goyim.

“It is understandable if some people do not understand the Chinese government policy on Darfur, but I am afraid that some people may have ulterior motives, and this we cannot accept,” he said.

China commonly makes reference to “ulterior motives” as a term to describe people it considers to be operating behind a cover and with the purpose of doing it harm.”

Darn right there are ‘ulterior motives’ behind what members of this Tribe are doing while they completely ignore the Israeli government cutting off medial supples, water, electricity and other basic human needs to the Palestinians. Talk about chutzpah.

“Its close ties with Sudan prompted the actress Mia Farrow to launch a campaign last year in which she described the games as the “genocide Olympics” — a label that has stuck.”

What gall for Farrow, as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, to be ignoring the plight of Palestinian children enduring Israeli atrocities on a daily basis. Of course, should she dare draw attention to what is happening to Palestinian children at the hands of the Tribe, she would no doubt be labeled an ‘anti-Semite” and put her Hollywood produced income at risk. Pretty safe to stay focused on Durfar with the blessing and backing of the Jewish controlled mainstream media instead.

Wise move Mia, but more and more of us are wising up ourselves and these kinds of propaganda ploys don’t affect many of us like they used to.


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