>Imagine if this Cartoon Read "How to Cook a Jew"


Anyone want to wager there won’t be a word of outrage uttered by the likes of Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. Had this been How to Cook a Jew cartoon, Foxman and his co-tribal mouthpiece Dirtbag Dershowitz would be shouting a duet, clamoring, upon an ‘incitement to violence’ pretense, for the imprisonment of the authors.

Is it not possible that some Gentile’s feelings might be ‘hurt’ upon seeing such a recipe, no matter how kosher? Where are the Gentile equivalents of the Foxmans and the Dershowitzes?

Oh, that’s right, too many of us Gentiles have now actually accepted our Jewish place as nothing more than Goy or ‘cattle.’ What was I thinking? Carry on Zev and Ira. Bon appetit.

[Of course, the Jews never do anything for which others persecute them for].


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