>What Are Darwinists Afraid Of?

>For starters, the truth. Those in control of the mainstream media, [MSM] that is, Jewish interests, have been able to stifle any and all discussion even remotely critical of Darwinian evolution for years. Never is a respected creationist or intelligent design [ID] advocate given a platform in the Jewish controlled MSM to even present the case for either view opposed to evolution. Creationists and ID advocates, whenever they are mentioned in the MSM, are instead ridiculed, marginalized or attacked vehemently. Some are punished with smear campaigns, as in the case of Dr. Stephen Meyers and Dr. Richard Steinberg, mentioned by Ben Stein in the trailer of his upcoming film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

In addition to the assaults by the MSM, through the American Civil Liberties Union – an organization top heavy with Jewish attorneys and Jewish activists – anything remotely pro-Christian, including scientific creationism or ID, is attacked with the express purpose of having that particular view expunged from the public arena, be it in a public school science textbook, classroom or curriculum. Any teacher or school board that allows or advocates the teaching of creationism or ID along side the teaching of evolution is threatened with legal action unless they withdrew their plan of allowing both Biblical creation or ID to be taught. In no way will the ACLU allow students to be exposed to opposing viewpoints to evolutionary Darwinism. In no way will the ACLU allow public school students to examine all the evidence and make up their own minds as to the merits of each. No, the ACLU has made sure, around the nation, that Darwinism and only Darwinism is taught. The ACLU advocates free choice for women to abort babies, but not students to chose what to believe regarding man’s origins or human design by an Intelligent Designer. It’s evolution or nothing. So much for ‘tolerance.’ As the anti-Creationists and anti-Intelligent Design advocates say, ‘non-scientific’ propaganda has no place in the public school systems of the United States. But of course, the ‘scientific’ evolutionary Darwinism propaganda is allowed.

Just like with the alleged Jewish holocaust, anyone who questions or challenges evolution, is threatened with job loss, denied tenure, ostracized or labeled as conspirators attempting to subvert others with unscientific propaganda. As Ben Stein points out, free speech is tolerated in every other area of our society, but not with views opposing evolution.

Stein asks the question, “What makes this situation so different?” He observes that in his experience, “those who are confident of their ideas or thoughts, are not afraid of criticism. And that tells me [Stein] that Darwinists are afraid. They are hiding something.”

What are the Darwinists hiding? I believe they are hiding, just like the Holocaust Industry is hiding the fact that their dogma, their doctrine, if investigated openly, objectively and thoroughly, will not stand up to the light of the truth.

I, for one, applaud the efforts of Ben Stein. I am glad to see a Jewish person, such as Stein, stand up to the propaganda machine that is preventing the truth from being known about many subjects that have become taboo and even dangerous to one’s academic career, if questioned.

I can’t wait to view Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


I also can’t wait to see a similar movie in the same documentary format about the alleged Jewish holocaust. I say Jewish holocaust because there have been many holocausts down through history, but because Jewish interests control most all the outlets of mass information dissemination, we only hear of the alleged Jewish holocaust. And that is why many are attacking Ben Stein for making this documentary. “Expelled” may just be the beginning of other documentary style movies exposing the fact that we are being force fed lies and propaganda about many other topics as well.

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