>International Jews Moving into South Korea

>Events are unfolding in South Korea along the familiar lines of the dictates of globalization, to allow the world’s wealthiest and powerful to gain control of the basic necessities the rest of us serfs | slaves need for survival. This is exactly how the IMF and the World Bank controllers gain control of a country. They make usury loans with onerous conditions to the target nation state – and get an elected leader – or a puppet government in office – to then start privatizing – oil, gas and electrical production, water supply and other vital infrastructure and health care – all basic human needs – so the wealthy can control the basics and then squeeze the rest of the population until they cry uncle.

We see this over and over and over. That’s what happened to Russia after the collapse of the Berlin Wall under the Western puppet Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin –

“Much of the I.M.F.’s initial $2.5 billion in loans was delivered almost immediately after Mr. Yeltsin won a referendum on his presidency in April 1993 and started speeding up the privatization of the Russian economy.”


– who allowed the Jewish oligarchs to pillage privatized Russian resources and the Russian people, that is until Putin. That is why the Jewish controlled international press takes every opportunity to vilify Putin – he’s taken Russian resources back and out of the hands of the Jewish oligarchs such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Yukos Oil infamy, Roman Abramovich of Sibneft Oil and Boris Berezovsky.

Lets move over to South America – to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. After paying off his nation’s debt, ahead of schedule, to the Jewish controlled IMF, Chavez nationalized the oil industry and is doing what he can for the people of Venezuela – albeit not perfect by any means, he’s certainly not kowtowing to the New World Order.


Because of Chavez’s refusal to bend the knee or wear the yarmulke and visit the wailing wall, the Jewish controlled international media has constantly and unrelentingly attacked Chavez, including fomenting the coming war to be launched against him from neighboring Colombia and their puppet there, Uribe.

“We don’t want war, but we will not allow the North American empire — which is the master — and its sub-President [Alvaro] Uribe and the Colombian oligarchy to divide, to weaken us. We will not allow it.”


As we have seen in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, USrael will do whatever is necessary to gain control of a nation’s oil supplies, including war. Venezuela will be no exception.

In Kosovo, sacrificing principles for oil

This time, in the case of South Korea, the move to control is not being made through loans or threats, but through stealth and deception. After all, USrael already has a military stronghold in South Korea with 28,500 military personnel stationed on the ground in over 35 military camps


and don’t need to threaten war. They have other, much more clandestine means. Jewish interests have already made inroads into other areas of the Korean landscape – with the planned building of not one, not two, but three theme parks – by Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Time Warner – all Jewish controlled – in and around Seoul. Next, will be a takeover of the TV and movie industry, to control public opinion and the destruction – there is virtually no pornography and little homosexuality – of the conservative Korean culture. They won’t care if they make money or not – they think and plan long term and seek power | control. The money will come later. Lots of it.

The next power clutching move by these international financial vultures will be the take over of the Korean banking system; it’s already started with the approval of Min Yoo-Seung, a protege of the Wall Street bankers, as the first non-governmental Governor of the Development Bank of Korea. That appointment couples nicely with the Jewish usurers buying into local banks, Kookman, Korean Exchange Bank and the previously established Citibank. That’s their nose in the tent. Before the Koreans know it, these Jewish finance professionals will be in the tent and the rest of the Koreans will be out in the elements paying exorbitant banking fees – similar to those in the UK and the US – to access their own funds.

Pres. Lee Pledges to Elevate [sic] Financial Industry

President Lee Myung-bak on Wednesday promised to dedicate himself to improving the competitiveness of Korea’s financial industry, establishing an advanced [sic] financial system and training professional finance workers by opening up, merging and privatizing corporations.

Lee also promised to end the “outmoded” government control over finance and ease the ban on conglomerates from owning more than a 4 percent stake in banks in order to bring the nation in line with global financial standards.


Among the biggest beneficiaries are foreigners, who have snapped up bank shares via portfolio and direct investments. Three of the top four banks — Woori is the exception — are now majority-owned by foreigners, although they are run day-to-day by local managers.

In one recent foray, Goldman, Sachs & Co. (GS ) announced on Oct. 3 plans to invest up to $550 million for a 9.4% stake in the holding company that controls No. 4 lender Hana Bank. That comes after Goldman more than doubled a $538 million investment in Kookmin dating from 1999, when it sold an 8.96% stake to a large group of institutional investors in 2002 and 2003. Its latest bet comes after Standard Chartered PLC (SCBFF ) bought Korea First Bank for $3.3 billion earlier this year.



South Korea’s financial watchdog unveiled a timetable yesterday to privatize the state-run Korea Development Bank (KDB) by 2012, in line with President Lee Myung-Bak’s plans to revitalise the economy.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) said it would put the lender and its affiliates under a holding company and establish a policy financing agency by December.

It said the government would list the holding company on the local stock market next year and sell a 49 percent stake in the lender by 2012 to local and foreign investors.

FSC chairman Jun Kwang-Woo said the watchdog would turn KDB into a global player by allowing it to acquire other financial companies.

“In KDB’s privatization, we will keep the door open for mergers and acquisitions,” he told reporters.

Min Yoo-Seung, head of [Jewish] Lehman Brothers Holdings’s Seoul branch, was appointed Monday as KDB’s new governor.



With access to banking records, Jewish interests are privy to inside information from which they then make more wealth and gain more control and power.

Asia is the last stronghold against the London / Wall Street Jewish bankers. These International Jewish financial moguls have brought the world’s entire financial system to the precipice of collapse. President Lee Myung-bak has pledged to allow these same greedy power hungry vultures to do the same in South Korea.

I’m rooting for the Koreans and thereby the rest of us. But, given history, it doesn’t look promising.

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