>Dumb Zionist ‘Christians’ Get Taken – Again


“If it wasn’t for what the Jews brought to Christianity, there would be no Christianity?”
This blind leader didn’t get that idea from the same Bible I read.

Excuse me there pastor Christofarrow, Christianity survived despite what the Jews did, which was crucify Christ. Remember “Crucify him, crucify him” and “let his blood be upon our heads?” That is what the Jews brought to Christianity – death to Jesus Christ. And you, as a ‘pastor’ should know how to find the verses in Acts that describe the persecution of the early church by the Jews, who went house to house searching out Christians and dragging them out into the street. Does Saul changing his name to Paul give you an hint? Get a clue there pastor.

This false idea you got from the Jewish funded C.I. Scofield reference Bible that ‘those who curse Israel shall be cursed and those who bless Israel shall be blessed” certainly doesn’t seem to hold true when it comes to the United States, does it? The US government has supported Israel since day one, only 11 minutes after it was declared a nation state by the UN. The US taxpayer has given billions upon billions to Israel and the Zionist Christians – including those duped by that other wolf in sheep’s clothing John Hagge – have given millions more. And what blessing have they received?

Look at the multitude of problems the United States has now: the curse of indebtedness to the Jewish bankers because of their usury; the curse of inflation caused by the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve because of their use of an unjust weight and measure – fiat currency – which they debase at will, robbing millions of their wealth; the curse of more debt to fund the Jewish led neo-con wars for Israel; the curse of illegal aliens invading the land as a result of the Jewish authored Immigration Act of 1965; the curse of a dumbed down citizenry; the curse of political correctness running rampant as a result of the Jewish Frankfurt School’s influence in America for the past 60 years; all trace of God being removed from the public arena through the efforts of the Jewish top heavy ACLU and the Jewish Controlled Anti-Defamation League; the curse of US foreign policy controlled by the American Israel Political Action Committee; the economy on the verge of collapse due to the greed of Jewish Wall Street financial houses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Sterns and others; and the curse of recession and depression cycles caused by the actions of the Federal Reserve since 1913; the curse of the the demise of the dollar. The list goes on and on.

So, please, stop encouraging others to give money to the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel so they can build even more settlements in illegally occupied lands they stole from the Palestinians. If enough of you duped Zionist Christians stop supporting “those who say they are Jews but are not,” [Revelation 3:9] maybe, just maybe we can stop being the recipients of God’s blessing.

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