>The Downward Crash Continues

>UPDATE July 15, 2008

IndyMac depositors withdraw funds AFTER FDIC takes over.


The signs are every where, if one has the courage to look. But don’t bother looking upward, but down, down, down. The dollar is down, at record lows, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down below 11,000, The London FTSE 100 is down, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – down 87pc since October – have gone down for the count and quite likely will be sent to the showers. The Jewish Wall Street firm of Lehman Brothers, which fell 22pc this last week after revealing that it still had $41bn of mortgage debt and other ‘weapons of mass destruction’ among its ‘assets,’ will likely soon follow their fellow tribe’s members at Bear Stearns to the trash heap of Jewish criminal banking history.

bank run

Bank run during the Great Depression

Bank runs during this the Greater Depression will start here.

Fortis Bank predicts US Financial market meltdown within weeks…
Fortis expects bankruptcies amongst 6000 American banks

BRUSSELS/AMSTERDAM – Fortis expects a complete collapse of the US financial markets within a few days to weeks. That explains, according to Fortis, the series of interventions of last Thursday to retrieve € 8 billion. “We have been saved just in time. The situation in the US is much worse than we thought”, says Fortis chairman Maurice Lippens. Fortis expects bankruptcies amongst 6000 American banks which have a small coverage currently. But also Citigroup, General Motors, there is starting a complete meltdown in the US”

Fortis Banks Predicts US Financial market meltdown

IndyMac Seized by U.S. Regulators

Run on IndyMac Bancorp Inc.

And Charles Schumer gets blamed for failure because he stated the obvious.
Pathological bankers are not going to admit their greed and mismanagement, it’s always someone else’s fault says the psychopath with finger pointed. But then again, the Jewish Shumer is to blame as he allowed the deregulation of the Jewish controlled banking industry by voting for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act enacted in 1933 during the Great Depression as a way to prevent the Greater Depression that we are now entering.

Schumer’s vote on Gramm-Leach-Bliley

Robert Chapman of The International Forccaster has this to say about the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

The Glass-Steagall Act prohibited a bank from offering investment, commercial banking and insurance services, or from consolidating with other companies providing such services. The ill-advised, spurious and egregious repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act is the single most important factor driving the subprime and credit-crunch debacles because it allowed rampant fraud and outrageous conflicts of interest to develop between different financial sectors, resulting in a complete breakdown of confidence and trust in our system of finance which has been destroyed right before your eyes. “Gramm’s Blunder” and “Greenspan’s Folly” together have powered the fraud and deceit that made the subprime debacle possible. The passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, more than any other causal factor, destroyed the due diligence and integrity of the entire financial sector, and paved the way for rampant and outrageous fraud by dismantling the usual system of checks and balances.

The International Forecaster

Look for Schumer to soon support | sponsor regulation which allows his Jewish banking and Wall Street buddies to regulate themselves so as to prevent the Greatest Depression to come in the future if we foolishly allow these Jewish criminals to continue to foist the unjust weights and measures of a fiat currency on the rest of us non-Jews instead of the the just weights of gold and silver required of our Constitution as based upon Biblical principles.

Speaking of just weights and measures, although the DJIA dropped to its lowest since August 14, 2006, during that same period of time gold rose from $626.60 to 958.85 for a 53% gain.

Now, which do you prefer, the stealing of your wealth by the Jewish bankers via the inflating of their fiat currency or the Biblical just weight and measure of gold and silver?

Isn’t it time we drove these money changers out of our midst?

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