>One More Reason Not to Visit the Once Free United States

The Department of Homeland Security, [sic] headed by dual Israeli | US Citizen and rabid Zionist Michael Chertoff, is conducting warrantless, suspicionless laptop searches at international airports, not just of foreign visitors, but of American citizens. These searches require no warrant, probable cause or reasonable suspicion when they are conducted at the border, or at an international airport, which courts consider the functional equivalent of the border. See Almeida-Sanchez v. U.S., 413 U.S. 266, 273 (1973).

At the Border, Your Laptop Is Wide-Open

I wonder how many senators, congressman, government bureaucrats, judges and other public ‘servants’ get searched? My guess is none. Only ‘suspected terrorists,’ i.e. all of us, and not the real terrorists, the very same government officials that are passing and implementing these draconian intrusions into our lives.

We could stop all this in a matter of weeks.

How? Stop traveling outside the United States so that you don’t have to return to a US border or an airport. If travel came to a screeching halt, those affected, big business, would demand their puppets in Washington change their ways.

It’s as simple as that folks. You have a choice: stop traveling or travel and face the risk of having your laptop searched. If you choose to travel, then hand over your belongings, fold your hands and shut up while your privacy is violated.

This invasion is, after all, your choice.

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