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>Five Photographic Reasons Bali is Popular

>___________________________________________ ___________________________________ Rice Fields _____________________________ __________________________ Exotic Tropical Flowers _________________________ ____________________________ _________________________ Creation scenes _______________________ ____________________ Romantic Sunsets _______________________ _________________________ “Everyday” Sunsets

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>Georgraphy Lesson: Georgia is on the West Coast

>__________________________________ Yep, that’s right, Georgia is on the West Coast. At least that’s what the US Coast Guard must think. The US Coast Guard has docked the US Dallas on the west coast of Georgia. Coast Guard News reports that … Continue reading

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>Little Noticed: Iran Converted Portion of FX Assets to Gold

>__________________________________________ “Upon the decision of the government’s task force, a segment of Iran’s foreign exchange assets will be converted into real assets such as Gold and stocks,” said deputy finance minister Mohsen Talaie to the Etemad-e Melli newspaper on Monday. … Continue reading

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>A Father’s Rights

>_____________________________________________ _________________________________________ A Father’s Rights See also Deadbeat Dad ___________________________

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>The Image Says It All, Doesn’t It?

>______________________________ And, of course, the ADL labels anyone who dare tell the truth, as this image certainly does, as anti-Semitic and White Supremacists. I guess that makes me, in the eyes of Abe Foxman and the ADL, an “extremist,” anti-Semitic … Continue reading

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