>The New Truman Show


NEW YORK – Barack Obama’s audience for his acceptance speech likely topped 40 million people, and the Democratic gathering that nominated him was a more popular television event than any other political convention in history.

Obama’s Speech

Catching glimpses in bit and pieces of the Democratic National Convention on the television screens I saw at the airports I used during a recent trip, [I could only stand to watch a few seconds at a time, the entire ‘show’ made me nauseous] reminded me of The Truman Show, only in reverse.

On the Truman Show, the only one who doesn’t know the entire set-up is a sham, being viewed by millions world-wide, is Truman. Everyone else is in on the fix, the mother ‘reality’ show of all reality shows. Watching Obama speak at the DNC it was obvious to me Obama is the only one who knows the entire convention is a sham – fake, not real, set up and deceptive. And, unlike The Truman Show, it is the audience – those watching and those sycophants at the convention – who are the ones being duped, not Truman.

Truman’s best friend said, “It’s all true, it’s all true. Nothing here is fake. Nothing you see here on this show is fake. It’s all real. It’s merely controlled.”

Yes, indeed, “merely controlled.” And there-in lies the rub. Merely controlled by the Jewish media moguls who filter reality out of every one of our lives as much as they possibly can. In fact, these Jewish media tyrants filtered Ron Paul right out of the campaign. Do these 40 million people viewing the updated real life version – The New Truman Show – think that Obama is the best America has to offer to lead the nation as its president? Do these 40 million believe that this half-black half-white man, who ignores his white aspect, who was actually born in Kenya and not Hawaii as claimed, and is therefor not eligible to be the president, is the best “lessor of two evils” that can be found throughout the 300 million or so Americans? Do they realize that the entire election process – including who chooses the candidates [AIPAC] is “merely controlled?”

“We find that some viewers leave him [Truman] on all night, for comfort.” Obama is offering his supporters, his viewers, comfort too, in the form of nebulous ‘change.’ Do these 40 million viewers of The New Truman Show actually believe that Obama will bring change? And this change will benefit them? The only candidate, Ron Paul, offering substantive and urgently needed change, abolishing the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, is not even on the cast of The New Truman Show. These Obama supporters still believe what politicians tell them? Bush didn’t offer ‘change’ from the Clinton administration? Obama is different?

As I watched these convention and other scenes of the election campaign, I asked myself, “Can’t these people see through this sham, this controlled reality? How can they let themselves be duped so easily?” My answer came when I re-watched The Truman Show recently. The producer of the show was asked the same question by some one in the Truman Show audience. His answer?

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. It’s as simple as that.”

It is that simple isn’t it? We accept the reality of the world which the Jewish media presents us. We ask no questions. Those who do are ‘conspiracy theorists,”deniers,’ and marginalized and hooted for their divergent views, doubts and questions.

Can’t these people see the flaws in the seamlessness of the illusion in the reality we are being presented? From the rigged Diebold voting machines in both Florida and Ohio and around the country, to John Kerry capitulating without so much as a whimper, to the countless 9/11 anomalies and “coincidences” or the 935 ‘untruths’ the Bush Administration told before getting Americans into the Iraq war, which, after five and one half years, has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives? They can’t see, they can’t sense, they can’t detect that something just ain’t right? They really believe Obama, the Kenya born man who, for twenty years, attended a white hating church and was married by that church’s “God damn America” preacher, and, if Larry Sinclair can be believed, and why shouldn’t he be? that Obama likes homosexual sex and smokes crack cocaine, is going to be different?

“If they wanted to discover the reality, they could,” the producer of the Truman Show assures us. But they don’t want to. They are afraid, afraid of the reality they would have to face. The truth could be found. By determined people, people absolutely determined to discover the truth. Asking and then answering the right questions would break the spell of the illusions of their surroundings. But they refuse to face the reality that would confront them, and the resulting cognitive dissonance, if they were to look behind the props.

“He [Truman] could leave at anytime. If his was more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there’s no way we could prevent him.”
the truman show 1

“You’re afraid, that’s why you can’t leave.”

Meanwhile, reality was happening outside the corporate Pepsi Center staged event, far from the eyes and ears of those in The New Truman Show:

Raging Against the Scene

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