>Cramer Comes Out With the Obvious


“It’s very clear that someone knows what’s happening.”

[in the stock market, i.e., there is insider trading in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.]

“This is an outrage.”

“There’s no cop on the beat.”

Cramer’s rant is interesting because, although he is Jewish, he is railing against the Jewish Wall Streeters who are obviously committing crimes of which Cramer ‘can’t believe’ are happening. Cramer seems genuinely concerned about the little guy, and says so or at least implies his concern more than once as heard on this video.

I bring this up because I am often accused of being an ‘antisemite’ simply for bringing up facts concerning the Zionist and International Jewry’s control of the media and our nations and their criminal activity. This label is a bogus accusation, because I am against all criminals,  Jewish criminals in particular, and of their crimes, of which there is no lack of supply.

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