>Adjusting What They Tell the Sheople

Everytime I open my email currently, I get this:

McCain, Obama scramble to shift economic message


AP – With economic anxiety rising, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama scrambled Wednesday to adjust their messages to connect more directly with financially struggling voters.

Adjusting Messages

Oops! Biggest financial and quite likely the most devasting economic crisis to ever hit the United States and the two presidential candidates picked by AIPAC to run for president of what is fast becoming a third world banana republic and they – in sync – have to “scramble to adjust their messages to connect more directly with financially struggling voters.” To the aware, that tells it all: The voters are suffering financially and the candidates haven’t had a clue. Twiddle dee and Twiddle dum – the two lead actors in The New Truman Show – have to adjust their message to “connect more directly” with the duped. How much more obvious does it have to get? These politicians could care less about their ‘constituents’ other than to hoodwink them enough to vote for them to continue the illusion of ‘democracy’ in this republic for which we stand.

It won’t be until the duped are desperate, can’t get work, can’t feed their families and watch as their children go hungry, will these sheople wake the hell up and look around for someone to blame for their dire situation. They won’t have to look far.

The falling Jewish bankers and those desperately trying to keep the system from completely collapsing – Bernanke, Paulson, Cox, and a long list of others that are selling the taxpayer down the river should be the first targets for a scourge of cords in the form of a noose. Then of course, there is Maestro Greenspan, who for 18 years orchestrated this money as debt debacle.

I’ve already lost everything once, learning a few things on the way down. I have no sympathy for those who are now going to follow the path of bankruptcy brought on by the usury system foisted upon us in 1913 in the form of the Federal Reserve, but which they have, for far too many years, fully embraced. Most people refuse to listen to opinions contrary to their own. They sit fully entrenched in their cognitive dissonance free zone and think that if they simply ignore those ever more obvious rips, tears and out right holes in the seamless Jewish filtered reality they are fed nightly, that everything, as Obama, McCain and Katie Curic tell them ad naseum, will indeed be, just fine.

Change is a’coming alright. But not the change promised by the thieves, liars in leadership positions in the government and that den of vipers who control our money system.

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