>Sheople Don’t Take to the Streets

Thai people are known for their friendliness, hospitality and “mai pen rai” – never mind – attitude. And yet, in 2006 thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra resign for his corruption. Thaksin was eventually deposed by the Thai military later that year. Very recently, thousands of anti-government protesters camped on the grounds of the current prime minister’s office and have refused to move until he resigns. Samak Sundaravej was forced to resign because he was paid to appear on a televised cooking show.

In mid-2008, at least 20,000 people gathered in Seoul, South Korea for a month-long series of protest rallies on the importation of United States beef and other deep seated issues. Korean protesters held all night protests suffering water cannon blasts for their determination to stop the imports and have their government officials address the issues concerning many Koreans. Dozens of people were hurt. Lee Myung-bak was almost forced to resign and many of his cabinet offered to resign.

Thousands of Thais protest by refusing to leave their Prime Minister’s compound because he appeared on a cooking show for pay. Thousands of Koreans demand a ban on the importation of U.S. beef and take to the streets to be heard.

It would seem to this American that American citizens have much more to be in the streets about, given the events in the financial world affecting them, their children and their children’s children. And yet barely a beep.


Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the Jewish leaders of the current financial criminally caused fraudulent disasters unfolding right before our eyes, is telling Americans that they face an economic catastrophe if they don’t accept his communist plan to bail out his buddies on Wall Street with public support and money. After tossing several Hail Mary passes to little or no effect, Paulson now insists on the authority to purchase home loans, mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-related assets, derivatives, credit default swaps and, after consultation with the Federal Reserve chairman, “other [worthless] assets, as deemed necessary to effectively stabilize financial markets.”

In other words, all the toxic junk Jewish controlled Wall Street has accumulated for the past several years and made billions of dollars doing so. Now, Goldman Sachs alumni Paulson expects gullible Americans to pay once again, and accept this toxic garbage, no questions asked. Paulson is also telling Congress that they should accept the medicine, dumping toxic waste debt unto the American public with ‘bi-partisan support,’ i.e, no opposition. “We want this to be clean, we want this to be quick.” Bush piped in, “We need to get this done quickly, and the cleaner the better.” Notice those talking points, “clean and quick?”

Paulson would gain discretion to act as he “deems necessary” to hire people, [even more bureaucracy] enter into contracts [probably no-bid contracts with his Jewish Wall Street cohorts in crime – the same “Money Masters” who created the mess – and just like those no bid defense contracts for Cheney’s Halliburton] and issue regulations [finally] related to a revival of U.S. mortgage finance. The Treasury would “take into consideration” protecting taxpayers and promoting market stability. – Unchecked Power for Paulson – Paulson is also demanding a ban on legal challenges to his and the U.S. Treasuries’ actions, effectively neutering the third branch of the republic, the judiciary. Paulson is even saying that foreign banks “clogged with illiquid assets” can unload those “assets” on the American public so as to free up the credit markets in their respective countries.

In other words folks, this is what we’re going to do and you’re going to pay for it, through hyper-inflation, but you don’t know that yet. We just need to get through this for a little while longer. If you’re fortunate, we’ll take into consideration protecting you and your financial future. [LMHO] So, go sit in the corner, lick your paws and shut up. We’ll let you know what we expect of you when the appropriate time comes. [Which of course will be more shearing.]

How does it feel to be a sewer drain hole and septic tank, you Americans?

Americans should have taken to the streets demanding heads roll seven years ago this month, immediately following the Zionist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – Bailing Out Zionist Bankers – not to mention the $2.3 trillion dollars ‘missing’ from the Pentagon budget as reported on 9/10. But no, the sheople swallowed the conspiracy theory “19 Arabs with box cutters” were able to pull off the greatest crime ever committed on American soil. Remember immediately after 9/11 Bush said he would catch these criminals and then quickly dropped that view after being briefed by his Zionists masters and substituted the new “war on terrorism’ approach? Consequently, Americans have been on the hook for over $3 trillion dollars for this bogus war on terror with no end in sight, not to mention the loss of thousands of young American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Americans should have taken to the streets when Patriot Acts I and II were quickly [sound familiar?] passed, without even being read by those who passed it, their “representatives” in congress.

Americans should have taken to the streets when the 911 Commission Report was issued, as it was an obvious cover-up. But, nope, most sheople didn’t even read the report and the vast majority didn’t even know that WTC 7 wasn’t mentioned, and didn’t care, because they didn’t even know WTC 7 ever collapsed on 9/11. Besides, they had their beer and sports programs to keep them busy. Who has time to actually care about what’s going on if it doesn’t involve important things like sports or Jewish controlled Hollywood provided entertainment?

Americans should have taken to the streets when it was revealed that the preemptive Iraq war to eliminate one of Israel’s Middle East enemies was launched based upon lies and deceit.

Americans should have taken to the streets when the fact that the votes in Ohio were tampered with and gave the 2004 election to George W. Bush with John Kerry fading into the background with nary a beep. What do the Zionist have on John Kerry that kept his mouth so tightly sealed? Something along the lines of Eliot Spitzer, who dared to expose the Bush Administration’s role in the sub-prime mortgage crimes?
Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime

Americans should have taken to the streets when the John W. Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006 was passed, which repealed Posse Comitatus, meaning that our military forces can now be used against Americans citizens for the first time in our history, and contrary to our Constitution.

Americans should have taken to the streets when it was revealed that the US was involved in illegal rendition and torture.

Americans should have taken to the streets when the writ of habeas corpus was tossed in the dust bin with the passage of the Military Commissions Act.

Americans should have taken to the streets when Zionist Nancy Pelosi declared, “impeachment is off the table.”

Americans might as well give up their guns, they will never use them for the reason our forefathers insisted that right be included in the Bill of Rights, to throw off their government when it became necessary. Americans won’t even use their First Amendment right of free speech and assembling, never mind the right to use the 250 million weapons they reportedly own to throw off their Fascist Zionist Masters who are making them pay for their own destruction.

When are Americans going to take to the streets? My guess is never. Sheople don’t protest.

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