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>Americans Are Being Blackmailed

>__________________________________________ Yo, you Americans, wake up. The Jewish bankers of Wall Street are blackmailing you through your AIPAC bought and paid for whore Congressmen and the Bush Administration. Goldman Sachs’ [the Jewish owned Wall Street brokerage house] ex-CEO is threatening … Continue reading

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>Sheople Don’t Take to the Streets

>__________________________ Thai people are known for their friendliness, hospitality and “mai pen rai” – never mind – attitude. And yet, in 2006 thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra resign for his corruption. Thaksin was … Continue reading

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>Derivatives – The Next Big, No, Make That Huge Problem

>_______________________________ My apologies, this is the latest chart I could find on derivatives, back to 2006. The problem is much worse now. But the problem can be seen visually here: _______________________________ _________________________ Click on image for larger view What is … Continue reading

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>Adjusting What They Tell the Sheople

>______________________________ Everytime I open my email currently, I get this: McCain, Obama scramble to shift economic message (AP) AP – With economic anxiety rising, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama scrambled Wednesday to adjust their messages to connect more … Continue reading

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>Money as Debt

>_____________________________________________ Care to understand why the United States – and soon the world – is in the financial mess it’s in now? Watch this 50 minute video by Paul Grignon. This is the economics they don’t teach at the public … Continue reading

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>Watch "Russia Today" Video to Find Out About New York 9/11 Protest

>____________________________ U.S. citizens demand truth on 9/11 Seven years after the 9/11 tragedy in New York, there are many people who say they don’t trust the official version of events. The U.S. government denies all conspiracy theories but skeptics say … Continue reading

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>Obama Can’t Be President?

>___________________________________ Obama, apparently, wasn’t born in the United States as he alleges. He was born in Kenya. If Obama wasn’t born in the United States, that is, he was indeed born in Kenya, he is not a natural born citizen, … Continue reading

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