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>Revolution Draweth Nigh

>_______________________________________ Elections in the US are next Tuesday, November 4th. This election will be like no other in American history for several reasons. Barach Obama is, almost with a certainty, not qualified to be president as he is not a … Continue reading

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>Gold Shortage

>__________________________________________________ As the following links show, there now exists a shortage of physical gold in the real world market place. This shortage is in contradistinction to the falling price of price of paper gold in the Comex world of digital … Continue reading

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>What is Obama Hiding?

>____________________________________ As a follow-up to this missive: Obama Can’t be President? I post this 11 minute video by Philip Berg, the attorney who filed a lawsuit to force Barack Obama to produce documents to prove he is a natural born … Continue reading

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>Let Them Eat Cake

>________________________________ Bush & Company are too much. They have a few trillion of American taxpayer dollars to bailout the criminal Wall Street banksters like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, and others, who gambled without fear – losing trillions yet … Continue reading

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>Explaining the Despoiling of America

>__________________________________ _______________________ “Megillat Bush – The Bush Scroll” written and signed by the New Jewish Congress, The Sanhedrin and The Holy Temple and Temple Mount Movements Who signed this document from the New Jewish Congress, the Sanhedrin and the Holy … Continue reading

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>"And He Made the Stars Also"

>Almost as an after thought, the Bible states “And He made the stars also.” __________________________________________ __________________________________ Sombrero Galaxy Source: Thunderbolts “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night … Continue reading

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>The Bible – Long Ignored by Americans. Maybe That’s Why They Are so Dumbed-Down

>_______________________________________________ Our Founding Fathers memorialized in the Declaration of Independence of our once great nation these words: “. . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights . . .” Unalienable means can not be taken away. But they … Continue reading

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>Argentina’s Economic Collapse

>_______________________________________________ Must see video [59 mins] on the economic collapse in Argentina in 2001. It all started with a loan from the British Barings Bank in 1824. ______________________________________ _________________________________ And ended with the collapse of the Argentina economy in … Continue reading

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>Dead Cat Bounce

>________________________________ U.S. Stocks Rally Most Since 1930s on Bank Plan; Dow Gains 936 Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — U.S. stocks staged the biggest rally in seven decades on a government plan to buy stakes in banks and a Federal Reserve-led push … Continue reading

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>Listen to these Follow the Herd Bozos…..

>________________________________________ laugh at the only guy among them who knew what was going on way back in December 2006 – Peter Schiff – on the Fool the Sheople Channel – Fixed News. _____________________________________ ______________________________ Not one of those bozos knew … Continue reading

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