>Fear and Greed

For the most part, people, including businessman and investors, make economic decisions, invest or spend their money based on a continuum between fear on the one end and greed on the other. To make prudent economic decisions, one must strike a proper balance between fear and greed. With too much fear, inaction results, too much greed and the risk of ruin is greatly increased.

Just as prices in a free market are set by supply and demand, financial and real estate markets are governed by the opposing tension between greed and fear. Everyone wants to make money, but everyone is also afraid of losing what he has. Although few would ascribe their desire for prosperity to greed, it is simply a rose by another name. Greed is the elemental motivation for the economic risk-taking and hard work that are essential to a vibrant economy.

Peter Schiff, found here: Don’t Blame Capitalism added to this missive on October 16th

Wall Street bankers for the last several years have been basically gambling without fear. They have traded their mortgage backed paper away by bundling them all together the good and the bad, had them rated by their gambling buddies at Fitch, Moodys or Standard and Poors and then sold them off to the unsupecting saps in Japan and China, and others around the world, who thought they were buying Triple AAA rated material when in fact, they were purchasing nothing more than doogie poo painted gold. These saps had no fear in buying this doggie pooh, as they were rated by the best of the best to be the best of the best. Stamped Triple AAA by Moodys or S&P – how much better does it get?

Not content with just mortgages to bilk billions, these Masters of the Universe fearlessly started selling collateralized debt obligations – CDOs – composed of mortgage backed securities, commercial real estate debt and high yield corporate loans. The Masters gave these gold plated dog turds a fancy name – special purpose vehicles – [the special purpose was, of course to bilk the buyers of such toxic waste, but that was just an insider’s secret to be shared around a high prized cocktail at an after work dinner club near Wall Street.] These CDOS couldn’t fail because the firm’s hot shot MBAs said the trances’ algorithms showed that the rate of failure was next to zero. If a M.I.T hotshot gave the green light, it was petal to the metal without fear.

With all fear gone, greed kicked in. And boy are these Jewish Wall Street firms greedy. Investors, underwriters, asset managers, trustees and collateral administrators, accountants and attorneys were all were part of the scam. After Phil Gramm successfully undid the Glass-Steagul Act, removing the very restrictions imposed during the Great Depression to prevent greed from taking over in an incestuous and now unregulated market, they started trading these unregulated “insured” dog turds among themselves sometimes acting as both insurer and broker – to pay for their Lamborghinis. Things were never better.

Until Bear Stearns.

Then the party was over. All hell broke loose. Fear now entered where no fear existed previously – Wall Street. One by one, the ‘too big to fail’ firms were failing and needed to be bailed out by the American sheople. Following Bear Stearns we had the nationalization of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; then we had Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc filing for bankruptcy protection; next an $85 billion loan to American International Group Inc; U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson calls for the government to spend billions of dollars to take toxic mortgage assets off financial companies to restore financial stability; Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley become bank holding companies regulated by the Fed; The FBI says it is expanding its probe of possible corporate fraud related to the U.S. mortgage market collapse; [maybe that struck some fear in the Masters of the Universe]; Washington Mutual is closed by the U.S. government in the largest failure of a U.S. bank.

Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke then create the fear of catastrophe in Americans and push for Paulson’s Plan, which is seen by the American sheople for what it is, the biggest power grab by the Banksters in American history and a scam to pay those who created the fiasco in the first place; the U.S. House of Representatives rejects the $700 billion rescue plan and rightly so. Dow Jones posts its largest point decline ever while the S&P 500 has its worst day since 1987 with an 8.8 percent drop, which creates more fear among both the Congress and the sheople. Those in the know know that the Plunge Protection Team caused this worst day drop to create an atmosphere of fear.

Amid this state of panic and fear, along with bribes and backroom kick backs, the President and Henry Paulson used fearmongering to get the U.S. Senate passes the bailout plan which was soon followed by House approval and signature by George W. Bush.

In short, those who had no fear, Wall Street, used fear to push through the biggest financial scam in American history. But they aren’t through yet. An evern bigger scam and more fearmongering is coming our way. The dollar is going to be purposely collapsed to bring economic chaos to the United States. During this crisis, solution will be offered by the very same people who brought us the TARP – the Jewish Wall Street Masters of the Universe through their agent ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson.

They will once again use fear to push Americans into accepting the new currency for the new North American Union which will be tauted as the cure for what ails America. Those still unfortunate to be holding US Federal Reserve Notes will be offered a choice – trade in their now worthless dollars for the Amero, at a few cents on the dollar or accept total loss.

This modus operandi – creation of a problem, ensuring panic and fear, offering of a solution by the same people who caused the problem and, because of the conditioning of the sheople, the solution is accepted, because the sheople like to be led to safety.

This is the same m.o. used during the Great Depression caused by the Federal Reserve restricting credit, then offering the solution through their Jewish president, Franklin Rossenvelt, and the results were the New Deal, or communism disguised as social welfare programs with the resulting alphabet soup bureaucracies.

This is the same m.o. that was used seven years ago during 9/11. International Jewry, through their Zionist agents – the Mossad – and the Bush Administration, plan and carry out the attacks of 9/11, blame, through the Jewish controlled media – “19 Arabs with box cutters” – a conspiracy theory, but an acceptable conspiracy theory, and the result is a ‘war on terror is launched that will not end in our lifetime, accepted by the sheople because of the fear of smoking gun in the form of a ‘mushroom cloud’ over an American city.

Americans, wake the heck up, you’re being scammed through fearmongering. In fact, I think a coup occurred with the passage by the House of Representatives on October 3, 2008 of the TARP.

“The fear of man bringeth a snare.” Proverbs 29:25

What is a snare?

a noose (for catching animals), (literally or figuratively); by implication a hook (for the nose) Strong’s Concordance of the Bible

Through fear, an animal as strong as a bull can be led around by the nose. If only Americans realized that they have the power of a bull, if they would simply let go of their fear.

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