>Why I Don’t Vote

The last time I voted was for Ross Perot back in 1992. That vote was a protest more than a fulfilling of my ‘civic duty.’ I knew prior to 1992 that voting was an effort in futility but I was angry over George H. W. Bush’s “read my lips” lie about not raising taxes. Perot was the only one who knew about the final outcome of the North American Free Trade Agreement, that “giant sucking sound” draining jobs and therefore wealth out of the United States. At least I voted – albeit in protest – for a man that was right. A man I didn’t support, Clinton, who many thought back then was the lesser of two evils, was elected and eventually impeached, bombed Kosovo and sped the United States along the road to our current police state, but at least I can say I didn’t vote for him. Ditto George W. Bush.

Voting on the state and national level is a waste of time, more so now than even back in the early 1990s. The votes now, if they weren’t then, are rigged or ‘flipped’ and once the politician gets into that plush government office he does whatever he wants to do anyway and the hell with the individual citizen. What’s the point?

Voting just perpetuates the fraud that elections make a difference. Americans, on the national or state level, don’t have a choice of leaders – their politicians are vetted by the American Israel Political Action Committee first – and any politician Americans are allowed to vote for are first and foremost supporters of Israel, themselves second and the corporations that bribe them with ‘contributions’ next, then comes the myriad of special interest groups demanding a return for their support. The individual citizen is not even on the list of concerns to the politicians. This fact was clearly shown in the recent approval of ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Paulson’s bailout of his Jewish bankster cronies on Wall Street despite 300:1 opposition by the American taxpayer who are footing the $850 billion bill and not even going to have access to the credit that was supposed to be made available but was ostentatiously the purpose of the bailout in the first place. So much for representative government.

I don’t vote as voting simply continues the fraud of the illusion that elections matter. I refuse to be a part of a known fraud.

I don’t vote because the politicians we are allowed to vote for, upon taking office, swear to uphold the United States Constitution, and then immediately violate their oath of office. One current candidate for the president of the United States has stated the constitution has “deep flaws” and reflects a “fundamental flaw.” Excuse me, I’m to vote for a leader of our nation who believes the law he is to uphold and defend contains “deep flaws” and reflects a “fundamental flaw?” This guy, before even taking office, already has stated he thinks the Constitution is fundamentally and deeply flawed and I am to expect he will uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? Looks to me he might just be the foreign enemy he is to defend the Constitution against, as he hasn’t proven to my satisfaction that he is even a ‘natural born’ American citizen and may even be an illegal alien. No thanks, I’ll pass on this Marxist and 20 year friend of the “God damn America” preacher.

Speaking of the Constitution, the one candidate who still believes the Constitution should be adhered to and followed, Ron Paul, isn’t even on the ballot. He advocates abolishing the Federal Reserve System, a system controlled by private Jewish bankers in control of the nation’s money supply clearly unconstitutional, and yet the one man with the courage to advocate that we follow the supreme law of the land and do away with the Federal Reserve and return to minting gold and silver coin as per the clear mandate of the Constitution is not even a choice given to voters? And I am to still go ahead and vote even though I know the politician most qualified to lead this country, at least out of all those who ran for the office, is not an option? All these politicians constantly preach “choice, choice, choice” to commit sodomy, have an abortion, but not as to who we vote for, except these two yo-yos? No thanks, I’m not going to be a part of this election farce and fraud.

I don’t vote because elections are not going to solve the problems the United States faces today. In fact, electing the lesser of two evils still results in evil being condoned and the evil gets worse every election cycle because most often the lesser of two evils turns out to be the greater of two evils. This election Americans are being allowed to vote for a candidate, a standing congressmen, that refuses to prove he is even a natural born citizen and therefore eligible to be the president in the first place. And no one in the entire corrupt government is demanding he provide documentation establishing his qualifications. Heck, an American has to provide documentation of his birth to get a passport but not to run for the office of the president of the United States? Judge Surrick of the Berg case might as well have come out and said voting doesn’t matter anyway so why the big fuss? American citizens don’t have ‘standing’ to require that their elected leaders qualify for office according to the law of the land, and we’re expected to count on our corrupted elected representatives to make sure they themselves are qualified? And this guy Surrick is a judge in our federal judicial system? My personal experience in the American legal system has proven to me that the legal system is full of corrupt judges just like Surrick. That man needs to be hanged, but I digress.

What is needed, rather than voting, is personal responsibility. Rather than be responsible for our own future, too many sheople are looking for a messiah to lead them to the promised land of government solutions to the problems government creates in the first place to create fear in its citizenry. And then government offers a solution – a “change” – which of course grants government more power and control over the sheople and fleeces them a little closer to their pink skin.

We have forsaken God and now we are desperately trying to replace Him with government. And unlike God, who cares for His creation, government ultimately does evil to the very ones looking to them for protection.

Putting someone new in office – voting – who makes empty promises he has no intention of fulfilling, and in fact, knows he can not fulfill, is not going to change anything.

I will not waste my time voting. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this way:

The entire election campaign is a charade whose real purpose is to continue the elites’ stranglehold on power, whilst at the same time maintaining the illusion that the US is a free and fair society, but otherwise it is a total waste of time and energy.

Clive Maund
Why Voting in the U.S. Election is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME…

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