>Going on Record the Day Before the US Election


Barack Obama is the most diabolical candidate for president I have seen in my lifetime. He makes the Nixon of Watergate, the first election I voted, appear to be angelic. Obama is a demagogue for the dumbed-down lemmings unable to think about the issues and therefore know nothing of them and don’t care. The lemmings have found a charismatic leader they can and will follow, leading all the rest of us over the cliff into fascism and slavery, singing and swooning all the way. His kool-aid drinking fanatical followers will no doubt fulfill his wishes for “an armed political army to use force against anyone who opposes.” [Turner]

Any candidate that has Brzezinski-Soros as foreign policy advisors, Goldman Sachs as his major contributor, i.e, bribes provider, Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright as his spiritual adviser, a convicted felon Tony Rezko [guilty of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering] as his initial backer and Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers as mentor, most certainly should not be president of these once great United States. But then again, because this once great nation has been giving God the finger for so long, maybe the offspring of Satan that is Obama, is just what America deserves.

Obama, despite telling the rest of us we must be “our brothers keeper, our sister’s keeper,” doesn’t even keep his own brother or aunt, who despite being a millionaire himself, has allowed both to remain in poverty, the brother in Kenya in a shack with a dirt floor and his “beloved” aunt in a Boston slum. Barack Obama doesn’t take care of his own family and as such is “worse than an infidel.” But he is going to “take care” of working Americans by redistributing their wealth to his faithful followers.

Obama is not even a natural born citizen as required by the US Constitution, a document which Obama says has “deep and fundamental flaws” and as such he can’t be expected to keep the oath of office of the president of the United States should he be ‘elected’ in our rigged and corrupt electoral process. Obama’s followers are using this corrupt political process to threaten the rest of us with civil unrest, if, for some reason he isn’t elected, as his defeat would simply mean “whitey” denied him – “whitey” stole the election – because he is part black.

How in the world did we get so far down this road of destruction?

Obama will be the O.J. Simpson of the political process and do to white Americans exactly what O.J. Simpson did to his wife and Ronald Goldman – and we whites once again will stand in stunned silence asking ourselves “how could this be?” [YouTube video unavailable at this time.]

Did I mention Obama’s plan to bankrupt U.S. coal producers and coal burning power plants? And forcing Americans to go green? And Obama’s threatening Russia and China and every other nation that has the potential to defend itself and refuse to back down just because threatened by a 1/2 black bully commander in chief of a declining empire that is losing two illegal and costly wars and will most certainly meet its match if it should be so foolish as to pick a fight with either Russia or China, bringing most assuredly nuclear destruction to our shores?

Yes, I go on record as being against this tyrannical fascist wannabe dictator.

God help us if Obama is elected, as no one else will be able to.

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