>Why Peak Oil is a Fraud


Couldn’t put it any better so I’ll simply post this verbatim:

Anyway, your writings are sad, but true. One area in particular “hit home”, and that is the so-called “energy crisis”. In 1973, my father came out with a pamphlet entitled, “Fuels: A New Theory”, which refuted the antiquated Fossil Fuels Theory, and replaced it with the much more logical Energy Fuels Theory. It has been proven that fuels are ABIOGENIC in nature. The potential political and economic value of the pamphlet is that we are not going to run out of fuels (until maybe about a million years or so from now) simply because they are continually being created from within Earth’s nuclear energy core. Gas, oil and coal are merely three polymerizational forms of the same thing. Simple gases are found at the deepest levels within Earth. Due to extreme temperatures and pressures, the gases are forced up through the paths of least resistance, where they polymerize into more complex hydrocarbon oils at mid-depths with relatively lower temperatures and pressure. Likewise, oils are forced up through the paths of least resistance due to time, temperature, and pressure, where they cross-link into even more complex coals nearer the surface of the earth, where temperatures are relatively cooler and pressure is relatively less. In fact, gummy oils are found in coal. The fossils were merely trapped in the oil as it solidified into coal; thus, they are a by-product rather than the cause of creation of coal. Fossils are limited, but the “chemical manufacturing plant” within Earth is not (at least not for another million years or so). My father, Alex Scarborough, later self-published the book, “Undermining the Energy Crisis”, in 1979. He presented even more proofs and evidence of the abiogenic nature of fuels, thus further refuting the “Fossil” Fuels Theory of the 1830s, and supporting the new Energy Fuels Theory. We could be digging for oil in our own “backyards” in America, especially in Alaska, and in fact, my father cites some corporations and universities who are doing just that. There is no energy crisis, just a ploy to frighten people and make huge profits.

Kay Scarborough
Unemployed Analytical Chemist

(Alex A. Scarborough
Retired Chemist/Chemical Engineer)

Source: Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler

See also: Gas Resources

For “The essence of the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins” go here: Huffington Post

From which these questions are posed:

In light of the extensive literature of modern Russian petroleum science, questions inevitably arise among persons reading of it for the first time: Why has there been nothing published on this body of knowledge in the English-language (or American) journals which purportedly deal with matters involving petroleum ? Why have there never been Russian or Ukrainian petroleum scientists invited to address a meeting of, e.g., the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (A.A.P.G.) ? Why has there not been appointed to the faculty of a single department of Earth sciences, at any university in the U.S.A., a petroleum scientist competent to teach modern petroleum science ? In short, why have persons in the U.S.A. never heard of this body of knowledge ?

Just like the alleged holocaust, no discussion or debate allowed. What is being hidden from us? As usual, I suspect, the truth.

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