>Repressing the Truth


“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who repress the truth in unrighteousness.”

Romans 1:18

What I believe we are witnessing today in the Western world and particularly in the once great United States, is the wrath of God revealed against men who have been suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.

We have a nation that collectively refuses to accept, refuses to face, the truth. One glaring example after another comes to mind: refusing to accept the truth about 9/11 – that is – that their own government – along with the Zionists within their midst and in Israel – planned and executed the attacks on Silverstein’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A nation that – when confronted with the truth of 9/11 – resorts to labeling those daring to face and state the obvious as “tin foil hat nutcases’ or “conspiracy theorists” and other derogatory tags. Talk about turning the truth upside down! Or refusing to face the reality of having been lied to about the justification for the war in Iraq; refusing to come to grips with the fact the war in Iraq is a losing and costly effort; refusing to admit the economy is in a recession and thus avoid using the “R” word; refusing to accept the fact that the stock market is no where near a bottom, and in fact, the bottom, at this point, is no where to be seen; refusing to accept the fact that there isn’t a thin cheap metallic dime’s bit of difference between the two political parties and that somehow the non-natural born citizen Obama is going to bring about change that they can believe in, even when he is appointing retreads from previous administrations to his entourage of change; repressing the truth of the alleged holocaust by imprisoning those who dare investigate the claims made by the brutal Zionist regime; refusing to face the reality that their government is marching them, as lemmings, into a New World Order – a fascist police state where repression of civil and God given unalienable rights, where suppression of dissent, will be common place and brutal. The examples are myriad.

We have a nation of seemingly educated people who refuse to even consider what others have to say on a subject, if what may be said disagrees with their existing paradigm. These people believe on Wednesday what they believed on Monday no matter what they hear on Tuesday, because they refuse to listen on Tuesday.

I had a supposedly educated couple – when recommended that they listen to the Ben Freedman speech – report back that when they got to the point in the speech when they realized Mr. Freedman was coming from a Christian viewpoint, stopped listening. And one of the couple is allegedly an ordained minister in what obviously must be only a nominally “Christian” sect. An ordained “Christian” minister refusing to listen to someone because they come from a “Christian” perspective? This same seemingly educated couple, who are in their late fifties and thus should know better, adamantly refuse to listen to any facts or information if the topic pertains to or contains any reference whatsoever to Jews, as they “can’t be anti-Semitic.” How is merely discussing a topic related to the Jews antisemitism?

I recently spent a weekend with an acquaintance who asked that I not bring up any reference to Jews. Consequently, we spent the weekend skirting around the truth – the reality – of one topic after another. The entire weekend was like being forced to avoid stepping on the safer stones in the river during a spring run-off while trying to cross safely to the other side. There is no topic of discussion that is taboo with me and I kept asking myself, “why do so many people have topics that they refuse to talk about?” This is nothing more than refusing to face the truth of a matter. In fact, it’s much more than refusing to face the truth. It is the repression – the holding down of the truth. It is nothing more than the elementary school student who puts his hands to his ears when he doesn’t want to hear something unpleasant. We’ve become a nation of elementary students when it come to the truth, when it comes to reality. So many are walking around with their hands over their ears – repressing the truth. In psychiatric terms – forcing painful ideas, painful truth, into the unconscious. While driving down the road with a tornado column on the horizon would any sane person refuse to face the reality that the tornado might cross their path?

I’ve realized the difference between those who can discuss any topic and those who repress the truth. I’ve accepted the ultimate truth – God. I have seen God’s creation – the “invisible things of Him” that are clearly seen from His creation and understand “His eternal power and Godhead.” I’ve submitted myself to God, the ultimate Truth. Everything after that is insignificant in comparison.

Those who have known God, but have not glorified Him as God, and neither are thankful, are those who profess to be wiser than God, suppress reality, repress the truth, and can not and will not face the other unpleasant truth’s they confront in their life.

This repression of the truth is bringing the wrath of God down upon the Israelite nations – Western Europe, Britain, Iceland, Australia, Canada and the United States. That is why our problems are growing and seem insurmountable – nothing and no one other than God Himself – will be able to save us from what we have brought upon ourselves.

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