>It’s the Stupidity, Stupid

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid so many Americans are. This last election is a case on point. The vast majority of Americans were against the Wall Street bank’s bailout – so much so that their representatives in the House actually voted as most Americans’ demanded – [when was the last time that happened?] – and against the bailout – the first time around that is.

The second time around, under the threat of martial law for Americans if the bailout wasn’t passed, by ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs Henry Paulson, these same representatives voted for the bailout – even adding an additional $150 billion of borrowed funds to the already prodigious pile of debt – $700 billion, and hurriedly, with no strings attached, placed the entire stack in Paulson’s grubby hands which he promptly dealt out to his Wall Street bankster buddies. The politicians weren’t acting stupid mind you. They know who is bribing them and who isn’t. They are, after all, smart enough to call a bribe a “campaign contribution” which is more than enough to fool the stupid voters.

The stupidity lies with these same Americans who were against the bailout – but who voted these traitor representatives right back into office. All the incumbents to be thrown out of office was a bit too much to expect, but I would have thought that at least half of the incumbents would be looking for a real world job now, instead of being returned by the very constituents they betrayed right back to the pork trough. How stupid can stupid be?

These same politicians have funded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – giving the Bush administration all the funds requested and more. But Americans voted these war mongering representatives back into office, all the while being burdened with taxes to pay for these wars – wars with no end in sight. Wars that are killing thousands of innocent people and killing hundreds of young Americans and maiming for life thousands more. I guess Americans like their young people being killed for Israel? I guess Americans like their money being wasted on wars that are making the same AIPAC controlled politicians, who vote taxpayer funds to pay for the wars, rich? How stupid can stupid be?

Despite all the worst economic news in most American’s lifetimes, and a stock market gyrating up and down like a new slinky – obviously manipulated by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets – aka the PPT – causing investors to lose money – many of them their life’s savings – and yet some investors still remain in the market to get fleeced time and time again? Indeed, a fool and his money are soon parted.

And then we have this illegal alien Barry Soetoro being put forth by the Democratic National Committee as their presidential candidate without even making sure he’s qualified. My guess is they knew he isn’t qualified, but think Americans are too stupid to do anything about it or even care. Worse, we have millions of stupid people thinking, if stupid people can even think, that this Kenyan is going to bring about ‘change’ even after he has appointed many of the former Clinton administration retreads to his administration-in-waiting, all the while Soetoro has thumbed his nose at the United States Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution, which any American president is sworn to uphold and defend, as his most important duty.

Come on folks, you still hope in an unknown guy – most of his records have been sealed or withheld from public scrutiny – who doesn’t respect the highest law of the law – the very law that our nation is founded upon?

How stupid can stupid be?

If the voters aren’t stupid enough, we have the Hagee supporters – allegedly some 70 million strong – who support Zionist Israel – “Christians United For Israel” – as Israelis practice apartheid and commit genocide against the Palestinians. These Christians “United for Israel” think it’s God’s will that they help God out by hastening Christ’s return by fomenting the battle of Armageddon, complete with nuclear war – all for the sake of “God’s Chosen People.” You know, those same chosen few who rejected God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Rejection wasn’t enough, the apple of God’s eye settled for nothing less than crucifixion, demanding his death with a “his blood be upon us and our children.” Matthew 27:25 These same Hageeites, almost to a rapture hopeful Sunday go-to-meeting pew warmer, convinced they will not be left behind, have been duped by the Zionist funded reference bible compiled by a true deadbeat dad, C.I. Scofield. How stupid can stupid be?

Yes, the ongoing collapse of the United States is the result of stupidity.

“People get the government they deserve.”

It’s the stupidity, stupid.

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