>Why I Support Israel


Why I support Israel:

I’ve been going into a church building for most of my life in which the “pastor’ was spoon fed the lies of the Zionist-backed Cyrus I Scofield reference Bible which he then spoon fed to me.

I’ve been watching the Jewish controlled news networks all my life – and they have spoon fed me the same lies found in the Scofield Bible, i.e., the Jews are “God’s Chosen” and those who support Israel God blesses and those who persecute the Jews, God curses. Never mind that there were no Jews in existence when Abram was chosen by God. Jews didn’t come into existence until hundreds of years later, and when they did, God’s Son condemned them, but hey, let’s not muddle my thinking. Thinking for myself is all too confusing to me and I don’t have time to look into those facts.

These same Jewish controlled networks also filter out any views that are even remotely anti-Jewish. Therefore, what I have seen on TV for the last 50 years is basically only what the Jews have wanted me to see.

I’ve watched hundreds of Hollywood movies produced by Jews like Spielberg, who do nothing but subtly or overtly promote the Jewish upside-down view of our world. I’ve never seen a movie about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff or the Jewish Bolshevik Russian Revolution when Czar Nickolas and his entire family were murdered. Or how the Jews [Brandeis] blackmailed Woodrow Wilson to enter the United States into WWI which then resulted in WWII where millions were killed.

I was “educated” at a public school, and there was trained to be a consumer, not a citizen, willing and able to defend my liberty as given to me by my Creator, because my Creator has been excluded from public school and thus from much of my life. The Ten Commandments were removed and the Jew Karl Marx’s Ten Planks of Communism were put in their place. I’ve been practicing communism all my life without even knowing it.

I dare not investigate any historical event, such as the holocaust, because to do so would be antisemitic, and, being a good well trained consumer of Jewish propaganda, I don’t want to be labeled an antisemite, holocaust “denier” or Jew hater.

Therefore, I feel comfortable in using ad hominem whenever a free thinking non-brainwashed citizen doesn’t think the same way I do, because to do otherwise would mean I would have to change my world paradigm to fit the reality of the world around me, and that change is too disconcerting.

Therefore, Israel is right, always, no matter what they do. When they kill me like they did the Russians during the mid 1900s, and are doing now to the Palestinians in Gaza, it will not be their fault, but the fault of those who oppose Israel. I will just be collateral damage.

Such is life.

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