>What a Real American President Would Have Done

A real American president would have – immediately after being sworn in – ordered the arrest of both Bush and Cheney for war and many other crimes, had them jailed w/o bail and water boarded them until Bush and Cheney admitted water boarding was indeed torture.

A real American president would have also immediately arrested those involved in the Wall Street fraud that has robbed the American people of trillions of borrowed dollars.

Right there in his inauguration speech a real American president would have stated his intent to immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh, boy, the list goes on and on and on, doesn’t it?

Instead of a real American president Americans have a man who uses three different names from three different nations and is not even eligible to be president.

Listen to this pathetic excuse of an American president.


Did you notice how many times Barry Soetoro mentions what “we the people” need to do? Nary a mention of how the leadership of Congress, and the previous president, have failed the American people. Not once about how the war in Iraq was entered into based upon lies and deceit. Not once does Soetoro mention the failings of the American government to the people of the United States.

Indeed the work of remaking America needs to be done. We should start at the top and remove these criminals – including Barry Soetoro himself – who although he professes to support the Constitution, refuses to remove the doubts that he even eligible to be president – who put Israel and Zionism first – ahead of American interests. Along with Soetoro, we need to remove Rahm Emanual – that dual Israeli – American citizen – before he has even more opportunity to destroy America from within.

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