>It’s the Stupidity, Stupid – Part IV

How stupid can stupid be? is the question I keep asking when I see Americans do stupid things. This time the stupidity is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville voters reject ‘English First’ proposal

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, unofficial results showed the “English First” proposal losing with about 57 percent of voters against it and 43 percent in favor. Proponents said using one language would have united the city and saved money, but business leaders, academics and the city’s mayor worried it could give the city a bad reputation. Similar measures have passed elsewhere.

There was at least one not-so-stupid voter in Nashville.

“Supporter Glenda Paul, 35, said as she exited a voting precinct Thursday that having one language is an important part of keeping government small.”

“If I moved to France to start a business, I would be expected to speak French and that doesn’t mean that I am not welcome there. It just means I need to respect the language.”

So true, Glenda. But the stupid people like Claire King, 31, who lives in East Nashville, said Thursday that she voted against the amendment because

“it sends a message of intolerance.”

Hey, Claire, you really need to travel some. Glenda is right, when you live in a non-English speaking country, you may be welcome in that country, but you have to learn their language if you want to live there and especially if you want to become a citizen of that country.

The fact is, millions of people around the world are learning to speak English. Yes, that’s right, English. English is the lingua franca of the world. Thousands of non-English speaking foreigners are learning English. In fact, thousands of parents send their children to English speaking countries, including the United States, to learn English.

Of course, I doubt they will come to Nashville to learn English, because people like you don’t think learning English is important, even in an English speaking country like the United States.

But then again, with stupid people like you getting their way, America may not be an English speaking country much longer.

By the way Claire, what does an alleged “message of intolerance” have to do with anything? Do you think if you moved to China the Chinese would be intolerant because they didn’t provide translation services in 173 different languages? But hey, Claire, it’s your money, not mine, you’re wasting.

How stupid can stupid be?

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