>The Marriage License


A license is “A right given by some competent authority to do an act, which without such authority would be illegal.” Bouvier’s Law Dictionary

Do two people who want to marry, need the State’s permission?

No. God instituted marriage back in Genesis 2:18-24. It is the God of the Bible who gives man, His creatures, the right to marry, not the State.

What actually takes place when a couple gets a marriage license? They enter into a three party contract – the man, the woman and the State. By getting permission to marry from the State, the man and wife – the married couple – voluntarily grant legal jurisdiction to the State [a corporation] over their marriage, that is, the marriage is a creation of the State and the couple grant the State authority over the entity the State creates – the marriage.

By voluntarily granting the State legal jurisdiction over the marriage, the married couple freely give the State jurisdiction over the results or the fruit of the marriage. That fruit includes any children or property acquired during the term of the marriage. Yes, the couple, their children and any property the married couple may acquire during the marriage all belong to the State and not the married couple.

That is why the State can come into the life of any married couple with a State granted marriage license and take away their children. Why? Because not only do the married couple belong to the State, so do the children. Both the parents and the children, through the birth certificate [a topic of another missive] and the marriage license, both are wards of the State. In other words, the State owns them. The married couple are slaves to the State.

That is why, under a marriage license, under State [corporate] law, one of the partners in such a marriage can divorce, i.e. can break the legal contract, for any reason or for no reason at all. Even though it is against God’s will to divorce, the State Family legal system most often will support the spouse which is in rebellion against God and actively punish the spouse who is against the divorce.

God’s word states that it is God’s intention for a father’s daughter have the blessing of the father regarding whom they marry. Fathers give away their daughters in a Christian marriage ceremony. [Deuteronomy 22:16; Exodus 22:17; I Corinthians 7:38]

The god of this age, the State, requires that couples that intend to marry, get the States’ permission – a marriage license. With such permission, the States becomes part of that marriage.

God’s way is for a man and a woman who wish to marry to get the daughter’s father’s permission. The man goes to the father to ask the father’s permission to marry his daughter.

Today, if the man or woman can not get the father’s permission, or don’t even ask for the father’s permission, they can circumvent God’s requirement – and the father’s – and go straight to the State and get the State’s permission to marry.

Marrying with a State granted license is a three-way marriage – the man the woman and the State. Instead of having God in their marriage, the couple that obtains a State marriage license is also marrying the State. A couple with a State issued marriage license is giving jurisdiction to the State over their marriage, their children and their property.

So, don’t be surprised when the State comes in to take what is legally theirs, your children and your property.

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich

Lenin should know, he was the person who had the Russian Czar family murdered, the Czar, his wife, his four daughters and his son.

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