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>President Nixon on All in the Family and Homosexuality

>____________________________________ A reader – responding to the Kerux Replies missive What’s With the Reptiles?, suggested this video of the Nixon tapes with him discussing how the Jewish media corrupts American morals and culture through television programing. This is one reason … Continue reading

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>The Making of a Modern Day American Revolutionary

>____________________________________ Becoming a revolutionary – someone willing to use any means necessary – including violence – to change an established form of government that has become destructive to his liberty – is not an act done for “light and transient” … Continue reading

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>What’s With the Reptiles?

>_______________________________________ Watch the black man in the white tights promoting a soft drink transform into a reptile during an expensive Super Bowl ad: _______________________________ _______________ There’s more being revealed here than most people realize. I categorize this under Significant News … Continue reading

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>Boycott Companies Supporting Zionist Israel

>_____________________________________________________ __________________________________ __________ These people, as you can see if you watch the video, control much of our economies. Don’t give them your money. Hurt them where it matters most to them, profits. I’d love to see Starbucks go bankrupt. … Continue reading

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>Doing Something

>_______________________________________________ Many posters on forums I frequent often say, “why don’t you keyboard commandos go out and do something, instead of pounding away in front of your monitors?” “What good does it do,” these detractors ask, “to keep putting out … Continue reading

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>Stocks to Fall 90% Before This Depression is Over

>____________________________________________________ ________________________ Click on image to enlarge. Graph from StockCharts ____________ I want to go on record stating that the DJIA will fall to at or below 3000 before this Greater Depression reaches bottom. And likely below 2000. Most people … Continue reading

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>US War Department Propaganda Film Against the Germans During Post – WWII

>_______________________________________________ Blatant in your face anti-German propaganda flim. Funny how we never saw this type of film in our public school history classes. _____________________ ____________________________

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>Israeli Jews Welcome an American

>_____________________________________________ The fellow in the video is duped regarding bin Laden, but the rest of the video, in my opinion, shows the “real” Israeli Jews most Americans never see because the Jewish controlled mainstream media filters out anything anti-Israeli. Americans … Continue reading

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