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Many posters on forums I frequent often say, “why don’t you keyboard commandos go out and do something, instead of pounding away in front of your monitors?” “What good does it do,” these detractors ask, “to keep putting out the truth rather than actually “doing something?” They assume revealing truth piece by piece, bit by bit, is not “doing something.” Pointing out the falsehoods of the holocaust dogma and lies that we have been fed most of our lives, is doing something. When we expose the lie of lampshades made from Jewish flesh, we cut away at deceit. Exposing the deception that candles were made from human fat, Jewish fat, is slicing another cut in deception. When we show real world math does not equal Jewish math – that six million minus 2.5 million, Auschwitz Lies, does not add up to the six million six million six million six million figure that has been repeated ad naseum all our lives, we remove another lie from our consciousness.

Tyrants and despots, like those of the Illuminati and one arm of its tentacles, Zionism, can’t stand truth. Truth can destroy a system based on a foundation of lies. Truth sets men free. For that reason, those who dare tell the truth must be silenced. So-called “hate crime” laws and labels such as “anti-Semite,” “hate monger,” “holocaust denier” or even the lesser “conspiracy theorists” are attempts to silence those brave enough, who, in this time of universal deceit and obsequious servitude to Zionist interests, refuse to bend the knee.

When men like Zundel, Rudolf, Toben, Faurisson and many others less known but just as brave, refuse to bend the knee to the lies of our age, their refusal pierces the curtain of deception hiding the truth. When the truth beams through those piercings, we see more and more of the light of truth. Men who love darkness rather than light, desire to hide that light from truth seekers. Bringing that light out for all to see is “doing something.”

He who does not speak the truth,
is a traitor to the truth.

Our founding fathers, men like Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, were patient and long-suffering. They thought it prudent to not change governments, long established, for “light and transient causes.” Their experience and the experience of mankind, has shown “that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms of government to which they were accustomed.”

During this time of “suffering” they took quill pen to parchment and wrote about the “abuses and usurpations” they were enduring. Men like Thomas Paine, wrote Common Sense, his call for colonists to take up arms to fight the British, then the most powerful empire in the world. Before the American Revolution, Paine also wrote The Crisis, which helped inspire the Army and wherein he penned his famous, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” This pamphlet was so popular that as a percentage of the population, it was read by or read to more people than today watch the Super Bowl.

Paine’s pamphlets articulated reasons for the need of a revolution – and united the colonists against the King of England. Today’s equivalent to the pamphlet is the web blog. The thousands of web blogs that exist and the hundreds of thousands, even millions of missives such as this one, influence the thinking of millions of readers. Each missive is like a cut on the edifice of lies. That edifice – through those cuts – is dying a death of a thousand cuts. That is how our government has been killing us – through a thousand different ways – taxing this, regulating that, making perfectly lawful things illegal, not enforcing this law, [immigration] but enforcing that one, [seat belt] exempting themselves from most laws while crushing us with others. International Jewry control us through their control of the money supply. They create inflation that destroys our wealth. They create booms and busts and then buy the fruit of our risk taking and labor for pennies on the dollar. They are killing us with a thousand cuts.

When we expose our Zionist Occupied Government’s criminal activities, their corruption, their lies, their deceit, we make cuts in their towers of tyranny. We instill passion in other patriots. We give encouragement to those who – like our founding fathers – wish to be free, to exercise the inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator.

When “pamphleteers” write – we educate each other, we inspire each other, we give each other the reasons and the resolve to fight.

There will come a time when the fight will involve taking up arms to throw off our government and institute new Government. We have a duty, we have the right to throw off this Government – because this Government is no longer serving its intended purpose – to secure our rights – but instead is destroying those God given rights. We have the duty and the right, granted to us by our Creator, to provide for ourselves “new Guards,” new Government.

Bloody revolution is not something entered into lightly. The reasons for revolution need to be rightly understood by all who would participate. Revolutionaries need to develop convictions; Convictions do not change when conditions or circumstances grow dark and difficult. Those reasons are being articulated in this present time – by all those “keyboard commandos” who “bang away” in front of their computer screens, delivering the thousand cuts that will bring death to our usurping wannabe masters.

Through these missives, men and women – patriots – are being prepared for the battle ahead. Despite what our detractors may claim, we are “doing something.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I’m about to catch a plane and have literally 30 seconds left! Just to say – great post! I agree all the way and keep up the good work. They are many, we are few, but we have something they don’t: truth and I guess the belief that truth must ultimately win is what unites us.Let us hope and pray that Bishop Willliamson, like our other great fighters for truth such Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel and many others stands firm. He must be uder terrible pressure at the moment.btw, I see you have Ann Rand on your reading list – be careful of her. She is as much a mouthpiece for Mammon as Marcuse and his gang. You may want to read Israel Shamir’s ‘Masters of Discourse’ some time.Take care Kerux!

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