>What’s With the Reptiles?


Watch the black man in the white tights promoting a soft drink transform into a reptile during an expensive Super Bowl ad:


There’s more being revealed here than most people realize. I categorize this under Significant News

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1 Response to >What’s With the Reptiles?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Kerux,I already notice they do this all the time. They often mix the PURE reality with comedy and fiction to ridicule any conspiracy theory.Kerux, search “Archie Bunker on gun control” on youtube and if you have the time search Nixon´s comments on “All in the family” and notice how Nixon was starting to realise that there is something very fishy about that TV Show, again PURE reality mixed with comedy/fiction. Another example among many, in “Doctor Strangelove” pay attention to General Ripper´s theory about the “Communist Conspiracy”, again the same formula, mix PURE reality with comedy/fiction/nonsense to make people have an instant negative Pavlov-dog reaction to any “conspiracy theory”.Keep up the good work.

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