>What Ever Happened to "Question Authority?"

Back in the late 1970s, the slogan, attributed to Timothy Leary of LSD use fame, Question Authority, was popular. This was during the time of costly government plunders in Southeast Asia – Vietnam – and with the economy – the inflated money supplied to pay for the expensive lost war effort resulted in price increases and wage and price controls imposed by Nixon after he took the United States off the international gold standard. The affects of fiat currency due to president Johnson’s abandoning Constitutionally mandated silver coinage in 1964 were ravaging the economy and resulted in interest rates peaking at 21% and a long recession. US citizens had every right to Question Authority.


Things have not gotten any better. But now we’re told that to question authority is to believe in “conspiracy theories.” Those who advocate asking questions of our government are labeled “nut cases” and “tin foil hat nutters.” President Bush went so far as to state, “We must never tolerate extreme conspiracy theories.”

I’m one of those who have always questioned authority. The Bible commands that we do just that, “Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” I’ve questioned, I’ve studied and I’ve researched every substantial claim the Bible has made regarding it being the “inspired Word of God.” Because of this questioning, this study, this research, and the substantiation, I can wholeheartedly and without reservation accept the authority of God in my life.

Today, if one questions the official government authorized conspiracy theory that “19 Arabs with box cutters” hijacked four jet liners in the most protected air space in the world, overseen by the most sophisticated air force the world has ever known, that questioner is often labeled a “conspiracy nut,” for simply doubting, for questioning, the government’s story. And although no steel frame building in history, before or after, has ever fallen – in free fall fashion – due to fire that melted the steel structure – yet it is demanded by those who advocate that government be believed in this and many other similar official stories, or risk being marginalized as a fringe element – a threat to national interests. Surely, with the dozens of anomalies existing in the official story, anyone not questioning the official version, to be kind, is the nut, and to be more accurate, stupid, not those who do. In short, anyone not questioning the stories their government is telling is stupid. It’s the Stupidity, Stupid-Part III

According to the government, and many of their useful idiots, thinking for oneself is now somehow “unpatriotic.” It is expected to think group think. This group think reminds me of when I was growing up and started telling my two younger brothers there was no Santa Claus. I was told to “hush-up” and let them go on in their belief. The difference is now we are talking adult fairy tales and our Nanny, the government, is forcing us to “hush-up.”

Another official version of events the rest of us are expected to accept without question is the alleged holocaust, the Jewish holocaust that is, because there have been real undisputed holocausts that receive nary a mention in the Jewish controlled media. The holocaust industry demands the much disputed Jewish holocaust be accepted exactly in the way it is presented or face labels such as “anti-Semite,” “Jew-hater,” “hatemonger” or “holocaust denier.” Worse, in some countries, like Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada and elsewhere, those who dare question the authorities when it comes to the official holocaust story, face imprisonment. Zundel, Germar, Toben and now Williamson, are but a few so affected by this imposition of un-questioning acceptance – the facts and the truth be damned.


To even defend such men in sham court trials held in kangaroo courtrooms that are nothing more than tyrannical tribunals, results in defense attorneys being incarcerated and barred from practicing as attorneys ever again for simply daring to provide a strong legal defense for those with the courage to question authority. Sylvia Stoltz for example. This has a chilling affect on all those otherwise brave attorneys who would dare provide their clients with staunch defense against such outrageous requirements to accept the official version of the only historical event that is beyond questioning or investigation.

Can you imagine the uproar if the Roman Catholic Church demanded everyone believe their doctrine of transubstantiation? Or the doctrine of Mary’s virgin birth? And the RCC started dragging Jews before a tribunal in Rome? Uncomprehensible. And yet we are demanded, by the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, major universities, the Jewish intimidated German people and their government and many others in numerous official and un-official quarters in many countries involved in the holocaust industry, and coming soon no doubt to those western countries not yet so afflicted, to believe the official story of six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million six million Jews murdered in Zyklon B and diesel gas chambers by Nazi Germany during WWII. Never mind that the officials at Auschwitz were forced by the facts to lower the amount who allegedly died there from four million to 1.5 million. You see, it is demanded that we not only accept the alleged Jewish holocaust as the most important of all holocausts but Jewish math as well. 4 million minus 2.5 million still equals 6 million.

We need a return of the slogan Question Authority. The Supreme Authority, God, can stand the questioning and has no fear of questions, as He alone has the answers. Truth does not fear questioning. Truth needs no laws protecting it. Truth stands on it’s own.

It’s these false authorities that fear questions, so let’s keep demanding answers.
If the answers are not forthcoming, we have the right, more, we have the duty to topple these authorities from their pedestals.

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