>My Take on the Current Depression


The economic free fall the United States, and much of the rest of the world is experiencing, was not happenstance, not a mistake that took us by chance. These events were planned by International Jewry, the International Jewish financiers who control most of the world’s economy. These people – Hans “Henry” Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Alan Greenspan, Hank Paulson, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, Paul Volcker, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Peter R. Orszag, David Axelrod, the Rothschilds, we rarely if ever hear about, along with those at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and the Bernard Madoffs and Maurice Greenbergs, [AIG] Jews one and all, along with their sock puppets, Poppy Bush and Baby Bush, the Clintons, Tony Blair, and now Gordon Brown, and the usurper Barry Soetoro, all had their hands in the demise of the United States’ economy.

Not by mistake, no no, not a chance this greater depression was by mistake. These people are way too intelligent for that. After all – it is the Jews themselves who never miss a chance to tell us how smart they are, the “Masters of the Universe,” the over represented Nobel Prize winners among us, “God’s Chosen.” No, this was all planned out. A conspiracy? Yes. But not a theory, the proof is there for all to discover, going all the way back to the first central banks in Europe some three hundred years ago, controlled by the Rothschild family – right up the central banks today that control our world’s financial systems. All the evidence one needs can be found at sites such as I Am the Witness which houses dozens of books containing thousands of pages available for free, documenting the conspiracy for anyone wishing to do the research.

What is happening is that these criminal conspirators are deliberately burying Americans in debt so monumental while providing trillions of borrowed dollars to themselves as they complete the financial rape of the Western world. These financial wizards know full well these trillions they are throwing at the problems they created by way of their banking and insurance schemes, will not solve the problems they created, but will, in fact, exacerbate the problems, which is precisely what they want. Too much spending, too much debt, is the problem, more spending, more debt is not going to solve the problem. When someone drinks too much and has a hangover, the solution is not to drink more alcohol, but to endure the hangover, no matter how painful, vowing to not drink too much next time. Their solution is not a 12 Step Program, but more fuel on the fire.

When they are done with their various “stimulus” packages, there will be no resources left to provide real solutions.

Why are they doing this?

Control. These people are control freaks to the extreme. They desire nothing less than complete control over the rest of us. These sociopaths believe they have the right, due to their supremacy, to control the rest of the world, us goyim, us cattle. They want to tell us what to believe, Christianity is out, holocaustianity is in, for one example, climate change, for another; what to say, “hate crime” laws, for example; what to do, tolerant homosexuality, for one example, abortion for another; what to learn, indoctrination in public schools, for one example; what to eat, raw milk is illegal, for example, organic farming is being made illegal for another, Amygdalin/laetrile for yet another; not defend ourselves, gun control laws, for example; the list goes on. These people want to enslave us, control our speech, our actions, our beliefs, even what we think.

Once we are brought to our knees economically, forced out of our homes, jobless, because they pushed CAFTA and NAFTA, globalism, outsourcing, offshoring, “free trade” and illegal immigration down our throats, in debt up to our eyeballs with usury, unable to defend ourselves due to our fractured families they promoted through their “no-fault” divorce schemes, financially burdened with wars for Israel – which our fully duped Christian Zionist mega-churches – deceived through the Zionist C.I. Scofield Reference Bible, wholeheartedly support – and the countless hours of television programming that brainwash and transform our attention deficient consumers into useful idiots, these criminal Zionists will present “solutions’ that most sheople will gladly exchange their birthright for, just like Esau.

Most Americans, given a roof over their head, three squares a day and “security,” and perhaps a green related “job” or community service in an Obama jobs corp, to do their part, will be eating out of the Zionist’s hands, willingly.

Which was their plan all along.

For those who don’t take the bait, among those solutions offered will be the means by which the ruling elite will destroy all dissent, prevent all debate, squelch all disagreement, physically or verbally, and imprison all those who dare object, as “anti-Semites,” hatemongers, domestic terrorists, all under the guise of the un-Americanism and anti-terrorism laws they have already enacted to make what they will soon do, perfectly legal. Those taking the porridge will condemn those who don’t and “democracy” – rule by the majority – will triumph.

Right now, these Zionists are avoiding the word depression. Once they start using the term depression openly and frequently, you’ll know they are moving into the next phase, providing the “solutions” they’ve been intending for us all along.

Those solutions will involve complete control over our lives. We will no longer be a nation of freemen. The United States as we knew it will no longer exist.

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