>US to "Ban" Organic Farming?

>Many people are unaware that millions of Russians and Ukranians starved to death in the aftermath of the Jewish Bolshevik led revolution in Russia in the years following 1917. 1932-33 specifically. This mass starvation is known as the Holodomor or “death by starvation.” The Zionist controlled media concentrates our attention on the alleged Jewish holocaust, while virtually completely ignoring the Holodomor, which is not disputed. This is yet another example of how the Zionist controlled media influences our thinking, by omitting events in history. But I digress.

It certainly appears that our good leaders in our government and Congress are on their way to banning organic gardening if the following video is to be believed. And why not? They destroyed our financial system, our industrial base, attacked us on 9/11 and are engaged in two wars in the Middle East and doing their best to start another wasteful and unnecessary war in Iran. Can preventing farmers and other Americans from growing their own non-toxic food sources be beyond the scope of their intentions? Hardly.

By the way, Monsanto is a Jewish controlled corporation. This was the same corporation that brought us agent orange.

From “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” page 273:

The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.

In 1794, Benjamin sold “Babet,” a Black woman, to Franco Cardel. Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named “Polidor” and “Lucy” to James Saunders for $850 in silver.

As individuals they were owners of Africans whom they named “Quetelle,” “Valentin,” “Baptiste,” “Prince,” “Princess,” “Ceasar,” “Dolly,” “Jen,” “Fanchonet,” “Rozetta,” “Mamy,” “Sofia,” and many others. Isaac repeatedly mortgaged four of these when in financial trouble. Benjamin Monsanto of Natchez, Mississippi entered into at least 6 contracts for the sale of his slaves which would take place after his death. Gracia bequeathed nine Africans to her relatives in her 1790 will, and Eleanora also held Blacks as slaves.

Somoe readers may dispute the claim that Monsanto is a Jewish corporation, because when they go to the Jewish Wikipedia, they read that it was by John Francis Queeny who founded Monsanto. But even in Wikipedia we find this clue:

“and gave the company his wife’s maiden name.”

His wife, was a Jewish Monsanto. International Jews do this quite often, hide behind non-Jews. And despite what the article states, Monsanto money was quite likely behind the company operating under the family name.

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