>Tax Time Draweth Nigh


Annual Tax Day, April 15, when American serfs pay their Masters tribute in the form of taxes on “income,” draws near. This is the day when taxes owed the Master become due and payable without incurring penalties.

Look for some well-publicized tax evader to be brought to the public’s attention to warn those who dare resist one of the pair of “sure things” – taxes – and decides to cheat or worse yet, not pay at all.

Who will be the unlucky chap this year? Some well known person, a Wesley Snipes, most likely.

Of course, Barry Soetoro’s picks for his administration don’t count, they merely made “honest mistakes” or failed to pay thousands of dollars of taxes due to “oversight” on their part. Forgiveness of this nature is reserved for the elite, not us peons. We pay pay pay for such “honest mistakes.”

No, the poster person will not be one of the Chosen Ones.

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