>Banned, Again, For an Alleged Racist Attitude


Once again, I was banned simply for stating an opinion based upon factual evidence.

Notice, the comment below is perfectly acceptable to the moderators, but my comments are not. In fact, my comments resulted in my being banned.

A poster’s statement:

Adam and Eve were not white. They were a mixture of all the races. They probably resembled Hispanics more than anything.

My reply:

“You don’t know that for a certainty. They most likely were white, as Adam was appointed to name the animals. And to tend the garden. That took exceptional practical intelligence, something not found, in general, in the other races, as you allege.

Whites have for centuries dominated in the field of human accomplishment. See Charles Murray’s book of the same name, Human Accomplishment.

No other race comes close when it comes to creativity, innovation, inventions – in short, in accomplishments, as the white race, that is Anglo-Saxons, aka the 12 tribes of Israel.

Whites were the first to “develop” their nations, or make them into “first world” countries. All other races are playing catch-up, with assistance from white nations. There is even ample evidence that the Japanese have a “Hebrew,” i.e., an Anglo-Saxon origin, hence their first world status.

All one has to do is travel extensively in third world nations to know the difference. Living in third world nations would be even better. Having lived in five third world nations, I speak from experience. The races, as far as human accomplishment is concerned, are not equal.

Murray provides the evidence that roughly 97% of all human accomplishments of significance have been a result of the white race.

Further, the motivation for those accomplishments was Christianity.”

For those comments, I was banned.

Can’t even discuss the truth anymore, even on “Christian” sites, which, of all sites, should be interested in discussions that bring out truth. After all, it was Jesus Christ who said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

Here is what one moderator said about my comments:

You stated in your post that Adam and Eve would have been white because they were tasked with naming the plants and animals and you inferred that God would have chosen the most intelligent humans (ie the whites) to do that.

Can you not see that that is a racist attitude? That whites are more intelligent than other people groups and therefore more developed?

My reply:
“No, I can’t see how simply stating facts about the respective accomplishments of various groups of people, in this case, Hispanics and whites, is a racist attitude. If I state that “Blacks dominate the National Basketball Association” is that a racist attitude? Of course not. It is simply a statement of fact.”

Notice how it is perfectly acceptable to the moderators, for the poster who I responded to, to declare:

Adam and Eve were not white. They were a mixture of all the races. They probably resembled Hispanics more than anything.

Why doesn’t that opinion show a “racist attitude?” I’ll tell you why: it was made by an Hispanic about Hispanics. It is perfectly acceptable today to make racist statements about whites, but not to discuss facts confirming the achievements of the white race.

Pointing out the historical accomplishments and contributions of the white race, to the world around us, is now labeled racism.

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