>Promoting Everything Mixed


Have you noticed, in our world today, the promotion of everything mixed? Diversity, dissimilarity, difference, differing, not unity or likeness, we are told, is our strength. Interestingly enough, when one looks around, “we” are not getting stronger, but quite the opposite, we are getting weaker. Look at a chain, all the links are the same and that is what gives the chain its strength. Isn’t weakness always found in the different link, the link not the same as the rest?

Miscegenation is one aspect of mixing being promoted today. Diluting the white race is promoted as a good thing. Those doing the promoting, the jewish controlled media and Hollywood, of course don’t practice what they preach, they maintain their strict separation policies among themselves, while encouraging the rest of us to mix it up. The Israelis go so far as to eliminate the Palestinians from their own land so as to make room for more pure jewish stock, pure jewish being an oxymoron.

Genetically modified foods and animals is another area were mixing is considered a good thing, even essential, for our survival and if we are going to “eliminate hunger” in the world today. At least, this we are told by the international food conglomerates. Completely ignored is the Creator’s admonition in Leviticus 19:19, “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with diverse kind; thou shalt not sow thy field with mixed seed:” Monsanto, among others, are going full speed ahead despite ample evidence of the harmful affects of genetically modified foods and the Creator’s clear prohibition.

National dilution is but another area where adulteration is promoted. White Anglo-Saxon nations are being inundated with non-white peoples from third world nations. Recently, it was revealed, that the British Labour government has been engaged “upon a deliberate and secret policy of national cultural sabotage.”
British Labour Party Plot to Transform Britian

There is a price to be paid for this deliberate national cultural sabotage; increased crime, rising community tensions, economic pressures, increased public services costs, etc. These burdensome costs are paid for by white Anglo-Saxons, not the third world immigrants.

The same can be said for the United States, with its legal, and massive illegal, immigration problem of invading non-whites, “beasts of the fields” in Biblical terms, [Isaiah 56:9, et al] entering and remaining in the US, even though the vast majority of white Americans, whose white founders started the United States for their [white] posterity, oppose such policies.

In Hebrew [not to be confused with jewish], Babylon, from a word meaning confusion, is derived from root words meaning something mixed, i.e., Strong’s numbers 894, “baw-bel” 1101, “baw-lel” by implication, to mix; 1097 “bel-eel” properly, failure, i.e. nothing or destruction; and 1098 “bel-eel'” mixed, i.e. (specifically) feed (for cattle):–corn, fodder, provender.

What we have today is indeed Babylon, confusion and failure, brought about by mixing the formerly pure with the impure.

Whatever happened to purity? Why isn’t purity being promoted, encouraged? Because those doing the promoting of diversity, of mixing, are they themselves corrupt, tainted, adulterated and impure.

Many thanks to William Finck for his enlightening teaching at Christogenea particularly The Immigration Problem & Biblical Prophecyfrom which much of the content of this missive was taken.

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