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>Recorded Live: No Plane Hit the Pentagon

>_______________________________________________ Listen carefully to this rarely seen video. “From my close up inspection, there is no evidence that a plane has crashed any where near the Pentagon. …..the only pieces that I could see were small enough that you could … Continue reading

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>"And the Sea Became Blood, as if Dead"

>________________________ I don’t know folks, just an accident? Or was this catastrophe planned? Whenever Halliburton and a Rothschild owned corporation like British Petroleum is involved, one can not rule anything out. And why are they so slow to be effective … Continue reading

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>Judeo-Christian is an Oxymoron

There is nothing Christian about Judaism. The so-called jewish rabbis tell us this fact themselves: “You will notice that a great difference exists between the Jewish and Christian religions…there is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian religion.” Rabbi Maggal, National … Continue reading

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>"You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go to Waste"

>_____________________________ The words of Rahm Emanuel, Barry Soetoro’s Chief of Staff, right from the horse’s mouth: __________________________________________________ ________________________ What are those “things you think you could not do before?” Boys and girls, we are about to find out. _____

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>Russian Scientists Warn: Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America

>__________________ The Gulf oil gusher is much, much worse than what the jew controlled msm is revealing: ________________________________________ Also, see Why Peak Oil is a Fraud posted 11/2008 ____

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>The Rule of 72 or Why a Mortgage is Not Good for You

>___________________ Every website I looked up to find a definition of the well-known Rule of 72 – all took the same angle of explanation – that is, “how long an investment will take to double, given a fixed annual rate … Continue reading

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>The Music of Carl Klang

>______________________________________ From his Extremist Too CD. “Get a Grip on Immigration” _____________________ ___________________

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