>McDonald’s Promotes Homosexuality Among Young White Men in France



Notice how not only is this corporate ad desensitizing the youth of France towards homosexuality, but it is undermining the role of the father at the same time.

One of the many reasons I have not eaten at a McDonald’s in years.

Also, notice the fact that it is not a non-white family in the commercial but a young white man and his father. Homosexual relations do not produce children.

France today is 25% non-white. The largest source of non-Whites into France has come from North Africa: it is estimated that 6.95 million legally present non-White immigrants in France (of the total estimated 12 million non-Whites population of that country) originate from just three countries: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Why are the governments of these formerly white nations allowing this non-white immigration, both legal and illegal, into their countries?

With declining white birth rates in France and most other white European nations, non-whites will soon be a majority in the formerly predominately white nations of Europe.

Homosexuality is a perversion of God’s natural order. Yahweh formed Adam from the dust of the earth and formed his helpmate, Eve, from his rib. Man needed a woman, not another man.

In my lifetime, McDonald’s has gone from being a family oriented fast food restaurant to promoting anti-family and anti-white culture propaganda such as homosexuality. What’s next, a lesbian Rosaline McDonald’s?

And we haven’t even said a word about their GMO and fat food.

Why would any white American who loves his race or the United States, eat at McDonald’s?


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