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>Creepy Little White Girl

>_______________________________________ Imagine if you will, and it will take your imagination, because it is something you will never see on jew controlled media, a skit called “Creepy Little Wetback Girl.” Or, “Creepy Little Jewess.” But here we have it folks, … Continue reading

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>The Banksters Are Robbing Americans Blind

>________________________________________________ But no sheriff is to be seen. Why is it “law enforcement” is for us average Americans, but there no law enforcement for the too big to fail banksters? Joe or Sally Sixpack goes over the speed limit by … Continue reading

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>The Secret of Oz

>_________________________________________ Never knew, did ya, that Dorothy’s shoes, in the original, were silver, not ruby. Find out why the change was made here. __________________________________ _______________  

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>China’s Opium Wars Revisited

>__________________________ Back in April 2008, The Jewish Role in China’s Opium War was posted here. On September 10, 2010, Jim Rickards posted his Treasury Bills: The New Opium. Both might be well worth the time to watch and read. Who … Continue reading

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>Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

>_________________________ ______________ Excellent idea to have a “bug out” kit made up – just in case you need to, well, bug out, in a hurry. Just grab the kit and go. I’d also put together a larger back pack that … Continue reading

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>Hogan’s Heroes and the Alleged Holocaust

>_____________________________ I’m old enough to remember Hogan’s Heroes. The popular TV series ran from 1965-1971. The entire series made lighthearted fun of life in a Nazi concentration camp. Not a word of gas chambers in all those years the series … Continue reading

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>Useful Idiot Judeo-Christian Zionist Universalist Robertson is Clueless.

>________________________ Yes, Islamists are taking over France and other European nations. But who was the cause of this assault, this flood of non-natives into Western European nations? Robertson is silent on the perpetrators behind the unrest being created by the … Continue reading

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>What France Has Become

>____________________________ What multiculturalism has done to France. At about 3:15 in, watch, if you will, a white lady get sexually assaulted right on the square by a pack of blacks. ________________ ___________________ Over in Germany, Zionist Merkel, now that her … Continue reading

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>RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time

>__________________________ _____________ This video reminded me of the differences between cultures: Western European Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian Germanic peoples are predominately protestant and thus future oriented. The Catholic universalistic cultures, like those in Central America, Mexico included, are more present oriented. The … Continue reading

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>Israel Zionists Teach Course on Editing Wikipedia

>_______________________________ Israeli Zionists teach course on editing Wikipedia – Watch more Videos at Vodpod. ______________________

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