>Hogan’s Heroes and the Alleged Holocaust


I’m old enough to remember Hogan’s Heroes. The popular TV series ran from 1965-1971. The entire series made lighthearted fun of life in a Nazi concentration camp. Not a word of gas chambers in all those years the series ran. Hogan’s Heroes was even created, in part, by a jew, Bernard Fein.

Do you really think the jews would pass up an opportunity to push their holocaust propaganda? Or neglect to attack the series for not mentioning the holocaust and the gas chambers? Can you imagine Elie Weasel rant on and on if Hogan’s Heroes was a television series today and did not mention the horrors of the alleged gas chambers? My oh my, I can hear Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz yelling for heads to roll and for the script writers to be looking for work, but certainly not in jewish controlled Hollywood, but rather in outer Mongolia, or at least where ever it is that Rick Sanchez is currently looking.

Dozens of movies have been produced about the holocaust, but not until the jews, like Elie Weasel and Abe Foxman, realized they could make a shekel and benefit from one of the biggest frauds in history.

Today, the jews are dragging 90 year old men back to Germany for a trial for
something Hogan’s Heroes made fun of in the 1960s.

Compare the fun filled lighthearted entertainment of Hogan’s Heroes with what the jews are producing and giving themselves awards for today.

What an upside down perverted world these jews have created for the rest of us to endure, no?



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