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>F.A.S.T – Future Attribute Screening Technology

>_______________________ Like I said previously, train stations, bus terminals and malls are next for the TSA screening. ________________________________________________ ________

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>US Immigration by the Numbers – Off the Charts

  _______ Most of the immigrants are third worlders. Who is behind this immigration? Jews and Multiculturalism – Barbara Spectre ___

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>The Deceptive Use of the Word Gentile in Scripture

>______________________ The Scriptures were originally written in either Hebrew or Greek, not English. What translators do, is just that, translate the original languages into – in our case – English. To do this, the translators should use English words, not … Continue reading

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>Random Thoughts About Rights vs. Privileges

>______ If the extremist Muslims “hate our freedoms” and are a “determined enemy” as the head of the Transportation Security Administration Pistole says then why aren’t any of the thousands of American workers and tourists in the Middle East, who … Continue reading

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>Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

>______________________________ ___________________ Full size

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>Proud to be White

>____________________ Some of our Anglo-Saxon brethren – the Irish. _________ Isn’t that red hair and those smiles beautiful? If you are a Caucasian, be proud of your heritage – we whites built this world. ___

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>Sexual Exploitation of Young White Children by the jews

>______________________________ Want to know why TSA is now strip searching young boys at airports? Here’s the answer – it’s becoming quite acceptable to abuse children, especially white children, in America. _______________________

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>Another French Revolution? French Withdrawing Money From Banks

>_____________________ No need for street demonstrations. No need for placards. No need for guns. Simply withdraw what funds you have from the banks. International jewry is built up around their banking system. Notice I said, their banking system. We can … Continue reading

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>The Prosecution of George W. Bush – for Murder

>________________________________ ____________________ Full size video _____

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>U.S. State Department Creating Jobs – in Danang Vietnam

>____________________ With the U.S. government debt in the trillions, one would think the United States State Department would be watching their pennies. Or, if the U.S. Department of State was going to create new jobs, with real unemployment in the … Continue reading

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