>Jim Corr of Ireland – Fights Back Against the International Jewish Bankers



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2 Responses to >Jim Corr of Ireland – Fights Back Against the International Jewish Bankers

  1. Anonymous says:

    >He didn't say anything about "jewish" bankers in the video.. that's your own anti semetic schtick. btw most billionaires & bankers in the west are christains.and most regardless of their born into religions worship money, not any god.

  2. Kerux says:

    >_______You are right, Mr. Corr did not say anything about "jewish" bankers. One reason is, anyone who dares to name the elephant in the room, is instantly tagged with the "antisemitic" label, just as you did me. See how that works? Mr. Corr is newer at this than I am, much more well known with much more to lose than I do. I don't care what you think of me. And btw: most billionaires and bankers – at least the "too big to fail" – are jewish. Some estimates are as high as seven of ten billionaires are jewish, or 70%, for those mathematically challenged. And let's not forget the trillionaires, whose names are rarely if ever mentioned. Rothschild immediately comes to mind. Rockefeller is another. Not too difficult when members of your clan have controlled the US money supply since 1913 and can create money out of thin air any time they wish and then loan it to us goyim at interest until we go bankrupt and they buy up our productive output for pennies on the inflated dollars they created. Pretty difficult not to get filthy wealthy with a Ponzi scam like that. A recent example is this wonder jew Zuckerman who "created" Facebook and was given $450 million by GoldmanSachs. Had his name been Jones or Smith, he would not have access to this amount of investment money. Also, it is public knowledge that Facebook paid $65 million and 1.25 million shares of Facebook stock to Zuckerman's three former classmates who allege he stole the idea from them. Pretty hefty pay off – unless of course the allegations are true. Which, I am sure they are, given who is involved. So, please, don't leave your male cow dung comments here, I get tired of having to clean up after posters like you.

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