>Reply to "Resolve" at How Dare I

This missive is a reply to this plea:

“So this is a plea for an explanation of how these two religions can survive in the same world. Resolve this one for me.”


Though I understand what Timster is trying to say, no attempt will be made to “resolve” the issue, the issue being – “how these two religions (those two religions being Judaism and Christianity) can survive in the same world. “ Resolving is something one has to do for one self. I gave up attempting to convince anyone of anything some time ago.

What I will do is state my conception of Christianity deduced from Scripture after over 35 years of study. I will present evidence that perhaps the questioner has not seen previously. If the evidence and views presented herein had been known previously by Timster, and if he isan objective seeker, IMV, he would no longer need an explanation for his question.

Timster’s blog post can be seen here How Dare I:

Let’s start by laying some ground work:

I recently started reading Timster’s blog content because it relates to a problem we and many other like-minded individuals recognize as THE PROBLEM facing the Caucasian race today; in fact, it’s the problem we Anglo-Saxon Keltic people have faced down through the centuries; that problem being the jew.

I too, have most, and more, of the same difficulties Timster has regarding the jew and how so-called Christians relate to the jew and things jewish. His difficulties are paraphrased and summarized below with parenthesis mine throughout:

I do not understand how Christians resolve their faith in a world of jewish rule.

How do Christians resolve their “professed belief against such goings on – “hard-pressed to find an evil in our human existence that isn’t jewish based” – and continue to call yourself Christians?

How can a Christian turn on (jew controlled) television programming and allow this rule by the sinful to continue without hypocrisy?

Timster also has a problem with:

Christians who say their religion is a personal one

They don’t worship their “god” in a church (building).

They don’t feel comfortable being part of “organized religion.”

Timster ends his missive with more questions:

If you take this first-century guy at his word…then why do you think he threw the jewish money changers out on their asses?

Do you not believe that if you profess to follow his teachings, that you too should reject their worship of the shekel?

Their flesh-peddling?

Well, what else do you see reigning supreme in this world today?

Before his final plea for an explanation, he concludes with this statement:

“I do not understand in the least how you resolve your faith with this hell-hole that the jew has created for you.”


In reply, first, let’s lay some foundation:

“One of the reasons, among many, that I reject any faith, (any religion) is what I see as the hypocrisy of such beliefs.”



1.Christianity is not a religion.

Christianity is not to be confused with the religions of Christendom or Churchianity. What is being done when one rejects Christianity based upon what they see in Christendom / Churchianity is, to use a metaphor, rejecting Mercedes because some Mercedes owners let their car go to disrepair.

Christendom / Churchianity is not Christianity. To view Christianity, one must study and understand Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments, preferably in the original languages, as these alone are the inspired word of God, not the various translations. Translators that proclaim “every member of the committee of revision believes in and teaches the plenary inspiration and inerrancy of the Scriptures: …. is unshaken in its adherence to the authority of the infallible Word of God in respect to both faith and practice,” as found in the introduction to the 1967 Edition of the Scofield Reference Bible, page v. are nothing more, IMV, than donkey dung artists. And I would give their professions of faith and their translations no more credence that I would give the SPLC, AIPAC or the ADL the benefit of the doubt about anything. (More on the Scofield Reference bible below, where it can be shown that the Scofield Reference bible was conceived with the intention of deception, and thus making a mockery of the committee’s claim.)

As stated above, Christianity is not a religion. Religion being man’s attempt to work its way to God, to bridge the gap, if you will, between man and God. The gap between God and man is too great to be bridged by man’s efforts. All religions of the world, all the –isms of the world – Catholicism, Islamism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Judaism, etc, have this common pillar in their framework, trying by their own efforts to bridge the gap caused by sin between God and man.

Christianity alone is Yahweh redeeming His People (important point – more below) through His Kinsman Redeemer – Yahshua Christ. Yahweh did the work of redemption. This work could not be accomplished by man. It can only be accomplished by Yahweh Himself. He chose to do the work through His manifestation as the Son of Man, for only as man, the Last Adam, could Yahweh die. Christianity is Yahweh doing the work Himself and accomplishing reconciliation for man. Accomplishment of this work of redemption is what was spoken of when Yahshua Christ said “It is finished” while upon the cross. Christianity therefore, is not individualistic, it’s Nationalistic. Yahweh works with us Israelites as a Nation of individuals. How far we have departed from this concept is quite evident today. Get two white people together to discuss anything of substance, and you’ll hear three opinions.

Notice the use of the term Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of God. God, Lord, and LORD are titles, not names. Yahweh and Yahshua are the names of the Father and the Son respectively, and their names are used herein.

2.Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity. Let me repeat, stated in reverse: Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism. Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron. I go into some detail as to why this is the case in my missive Judeo-Christian is an Oxymoron and therefore will not go into much detail here, except to state that until and unless one understands the fact that Judaism is a separate and distinct religion, which was known during the time of Christ as “the tradition of the elders,” one will forever be confused when dealing with issues related to Judaism and Christianity. Judaism was derived from the Talmud and not the Scriptures. Jesus Christ denounced and condemned the “traditions of the elders” in the Gospel of John Chapter 5 and in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 7.

In short, Christianity and Judaism have no relation to each other whatsoever.

3.The Israelites who descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, renamed Israel, are not the jews. Let me repeat that in reverse: the so-called jews of today have nothing to do with the Scriptural Israelites. See Moses and Abraham Were Not Jews. As likewise stated above, unless and until one understands this fact, one will be forever confused when dealing with issues related to Israelis, jews, Christians, Caucasians, Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian-Keltic people; in other words, jews and the white race. The idea that the so-called jews are the Israelites of old and thus have a “claim” to Palestine is one of history’s greatest frauds and impersonations. This hoax ranks right up there with the holocaust and the Federal Reserve, also perpetrated upon the rest of humanity by these same so-called jews. Explanation as to how these imposters were able to accomplish such a grand deception is gone into below.

With the above foundation laid, let’s get into the specificpoints where the vast majority of professing Christians go wrong due to the lack of knowledge, among others, of the following:

Understanding Genesis 3:15 is key to comprehending what has taken place between the seed of Satan and the seed of the Woman, aka, the Adamic Race. It’s not my intention here to “prove” any of the following. For those interested in seeing the evidence, links will be provided to source material that should provide sufficient facts, information, details and material for anyone who wants to know the truth to discover it for him or herself.

Eve did not eat an apple off a tree and then entice Adam to do the same. Eve was seduced by Satan and their copulation resulted in her pregnancy with Cain. Adam – instead of divorcing Eve, as he should have, also participated in the sin and their copulation resulted in Eve’s pregnancy with Abel. Cain and Abel were both in Eve’s womb simultaneously, a condition known as superfecundation. Cain was the seed of Satan. Scripture states that there is literal seed of Satan or children of Satan. These children of Satan – descending through Cain – as explained in Genesis 3:15 – have been in continual enmity or hatred with the seed of the woman, Eve, since that time. Eve’s seedline, using patriarchy, is listed in Luke’s gospel, chapter three. This seedline resulted in the Israelites – through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel – whom we know today as the 12 Tribes of Israel or the Caucasian Anglo-Saxon-Germanic-Scandinavian-Keltic peoples of the world.

In other words, the 12 Tribes were / are the white race. Specifically, the Adamic Race.

Adam was the first man, the first white man. Not all men were descendants of Adam. Only the white race descended from Adam.

Adam was not created, Adam was formed and into him and him alone, it is recorded in Genesis 2:7, Yahweh breathed the breath of life. Eve was then taken from Adam’s side, “bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.” Genesis 2:23. Adam and Eve were thus the first white people and the start of the white or Adamic Race, with which the rest of Scripture is concerned with first and foremost.

The Scripture was written by the Israelites, for the Israelites, to the Israelites and about the Israelites. All other peoples mentioned in Scripture, including the jews, are incidental to the Israelites – the 12 Tribes of Israel – which we know today, loosely, as the Anglo-Saxon Caucasian peoples.

When Scripture speaks of His People, it is not speaking of the jews: it is speaking of Israelites. Yahweh made His Covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not the jews. The jews are not God’s Chosen People, the Israelites are, and the Israelites are not the jews.

Genesis 3:15 is important because it is the beginning and the explanation of the hatred the seedline of Satan, the jews, would have from that point forward, for the white race. This hatred, this enmity, explains much if not most of history down through the ages, all the way to our current age.

We don’t see a conflict between the jews and other races. We do see a conflict between the parasitic jews and the white race – all down through history. For example, the many nations the jews have been expelled from are all most exclusively white Anglo-Saxon nations. Today, it is Western or Anglo-Saxon nations that are fighting off the jew – as the jews promote multiculturalism, degenerating moral activity, usury, drugs, pornography, corruption of every sort imaginable. In Timster’s terms: we would be“hard-pressed to find an evil in our human existence that isn’t jewish based.”

This enmity between Satan’s seed and Eve’s seed is why we see this evil manifested most obviously in Anglo-Saxon nations and not, for example, Korean, which is a fairly conservative nation of people. Koreans are just now starting to be corrupted by the jew, as the world marches towards globalization and the evils of Talmudism/Judaism. In other words, the jews are not directly attacking Asians like they are Anglo-Saxons.

Satan is the god of this world. 2nd Corinthians 4:4 Satan offers power in exchange for worship. Matthew 4:8,9. Yahshua Christ rejected this offer. Most don’t. I would suggest the Rothschilds and others of their ilk, accepted the offer. In exchange for their soul, they have been given tremendous wealth and power in this world. With this wealth and power, they have been able to deceive the entire world. Revelation 12:9. It is their system that is referred to in Scripture as Mystery Babylon.

Only in the original languages – Hebrew and Greek – is the word of God inspired. We have no original copies of the Scriptures written in the original languages. All we have available to us are copies. For the most part, those copies are accurate, but they are not the inspired word of God and are filled with errors, omissions and outright deceptions. Using scribes and translators down through the centuries, the jews and other transcribers and translators have been able to manipulate, mis-translate and otherwise misconstrue various passages to get the text to say what it is they want said or had to say in order to keep their head.

For example, the word jew was not found in the Bible until the King James Version of 1611. The word jew should not be translated as such, as the word jew is not in the original languages. The original word should be translated, for the most part, as Judaean, Judah or Judahite, not jew. As stated above, a member of the tribe of Judah, was an Israelite, not a jew and as such Judah, Judean or Judahite should not be translated as jew; but it is, numerous times, leading to the confusion we witness all around us in regards to Israel, jews, Judaism, etc.

A major work of deception accomplished by the jew Samuel Untermeyer and the Group of Six, working through the all around scoundrel and true deadbeat dad Cyrus I. Scofield, is the Scofield Reference Bible. This bible has been used by a countless number of so-called Christian colleges and universities, such Dallas Theological Seminary, Bob Jones University and others, and an untold number of pastors and bible students, myself among them. This reference bible, , since it’s publication in 1907, with its foot and side notes and commentary, along with Darbyism, has been able to deceive millions of Christian leaders and thereby the rest of the sheeple. This, in part, explains why so many so called Zionist Christians, like the apostate John Hagee, worship the Zionist jew more than they do Yahshua Christ. These Zionist Christians have been utterly deceived into supporting the enemies of Christ and the very children of Satan who are destroying their families, their nation, their economies and their world.

The bible is a book about one race, the white race. Yahweh is against race mixing, against multiculturalism, against the amalgamation of the races. He created national boundaries, and he confused the languages when the people spoke one language at Babylon. What we see today is legal and illegal immigration pushed, promoted and propagandized by jews into white nations exclusively. We don’t see non-Chinese immigrating into China, non-Japaneses immigrating into Japan, or non-Muslims immigrating into Muslims countries. But we do see non-whites immigrating into white nations. And so-called Christians, due to the deception of the jews who control the bible publishing houses and hence bible translations, are duped into supporting the very evil, race mixing, that is destroying their culture, their nation and eventually their way of life.

The vastness and extent of this worldwide deception makes it difficult, if not impossible, for all but those whom Yahweh reveals these truths to, to wrap their mind around what is happening. This is one reason why so few get it. Try discussing these Scriptural facts or even the topics in a broad sense with most Christian Zionists, and watch their eyes roll and their laundered brain cells start spinning as they think: “this guy is an anti-Semite. He hates the jews, God’s Chosen. Next thing I know, he’ll be telling me he thinks Hitler was a great guy.”

How can one support the very enemies of Yahweh and be a follower of Yahshua Christ? To use Timster’s own question:

“How do Christians resolve their “professed belief against such goings on “hard-pressed to find an evil in our human existence that isn’t jewish based” and continue to call yourself Christians?

Evil is nothing in and of itself. Evil needs a cause. Satan is the cause of evil in our world and Satan works through his seed, his children, the jews, to work the evil we see and experience in our world. Yahshua Christ bring this out clearly in John 8:41, 44

41 You do the works of your father!”
44 You are the sons of a father: the False Accuser! And you wish to do the desires of your father! He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him! When he speaks a lie, he speaks from of his own devices, because he is a liar and the father of it!

I say Christian Zionist and Judeo-Christians are oxymorons because –

“How can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Amos

2 By this you know the Spirit of Yahweh: each spirit which professes that Yahshua Christ has come in the flesh is from of Yahweh, 3 and each spirit which does not profess Yahshua is not from of Yahweh, and this is the Antichrist, whom you have heard that it comes, and is already now in Society.” I John 4

But little by little, slowly but surely, Yahweh is revealing the above truths and many others to His People today. His People, the 12 Tribes, the Anglo-Saxons, are waking up to this deception. So much so, that Errol Southers mentions Christian Identity as a “terrorist threat.” We see signs of an awakening all around us. The worsening economic conditions, the deterioration of our Society, the unending wars for faux Israel, are causing some sheeple to pause and actually think about what is happening to them. It’s now getting personal.

Yahweh is using the internet to reach His People. Our enemy has not yet figured out how to control the internet, like they control the mainstream media. But they are working on solving that problem as we type; through the legislation passed in the wake of the Israeli/US false flag operation known as 9/11, alleged cyber terror and most recently the Wikileaks deception.

Dual Seed Line Christian Identity, as difficult as it is for some to wrap their multicultural “diversity is our strength” jew propaganda laundered minds around its teachings, explains how we white people have arrived at where we are today. DSCI explains what we see and experience all around us in our jew controlled world, and what the end result will be, better than any other biblical interpretation I know of. The confusion I once had, caused by the Scofield Reference Bible, Darbyism, dispensationalism, multi-culturalism, Christian Zionism, Judeo-Christian male cow dung has disappeared and the Scriptures, for the first time after 35 years of study, make complete and total sense from cover to cover. “One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, now I see.”

Knowing what I know, I do not and can not embrace the jew. I do not participate in organized religion. I do not go to church. I do not own or watch jew TV. I do not buy jew magazines, pay for jew movies that denigrate whites in every possible way: I do not borrow jew money or pay jew usury or support jew controlled businesses – like Dell, MacDonalds, Baskin and Robins, Microsoft, and a host of others. If more of us did not support the jew, we could bust them virtually overnight. In fact, Scripture says Babylon will fall in just one hour. Revelation 18:10

As more of us whites wake up, get our heads out of our posteriors and develop our own debt free monetary system, using just weights and measures, I’ll support that and break completely free of the jew financial and all pervasive Federal Reserve System, fiat currency and unjust weights and measures.

In the mean time, because of our disobedience to Yahweh, His Word and His Commandments, we have consequences to pay. It is no one’s fault we are in the situation we are in, but our own. We need to stop blaming the jew and start obeying Yahweh again.

Once we obey Yahweh, he will heal our land and we will once again prosper, according to His will. Until then, we will have the lowest stranger/alien among us get very high over us. This Scripture has been fulfilled right before our eyes in the illegal alien Kenyan born mixed race Barry Soetoro as president of the very nation founded by white men for “themselves and their posterity.”

As most astute observers realize, we’ve got a long hard road ahead of us.

The good news is, in the end, we Anglo-Saxon Israelites win.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Great post, Mr. K. I'll have to return to read it again, but you have hit many points here in a clear and enlightening manner. Here is a link which you will find useful. It is informative and gives some idea of what is available to Whites when jewry is removed from society. The moneylender aspects are very important, but it is my own conviction that before anything widespread can be accomplished by Whites (FRB and Central Banks), that jewish media (MSM) will have to be done away with.In connection with the above, I think that many people will have to come to a clear understanding that not all people with white skins (jews) are White.http://globalfire.tv/nj/09en/history/money_medieval_england.htmFlanders

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