>Listen to Joe LIEberman Lie Lie Lie About 9/11


There used to be a video available on YouTube that showed LIEberman lying like a tired old dog on a soft rug. It’s been removed. This people just don’t want us to see what it is they are doing to this country.

Folks, we need a revolution just like is happening in the Middle East and that revolution is against the same people – Israel and Zionist jews like Lieberman.

If no video shows above, click on the title, that should bring up the entire missive and the video.

Notice how jew LIE-berman (my apologies for the jewpedia link) goes on and on about how he and his colleagues pushed for an “independent” commission. He does this with a straight face. Remember the first commissioner Bush tried to appoint? Another jew and straight faced liar the jew Rockefeller agent – Herr Kissinger.

These criminals like to try to solve the very problems they create with legislation, thousands and thousands of pages of new legislation every year, none of which is even read by those passing these new laws. Then these laws are used to confiscate our rights and our hard earned wealth.

Zionist Criminals like LIEberman need to be tried and then hanged for treason.


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