>Racial Awareness


Having lived and traveled in non-white nations for almost three decades now, the major differences between the races have become obvious. I see the results of the creativity and productivity of the races – how the white race invents, innovates, builds, develops. Then, the non-whites copy, reverse engineer, and thus steal the intellectual property, the creativity of others, the others being, the Anglo-Saxon nations. This taking and benefiting from what the white Adamic race, the Israelite nations, have given civilization, have given the rest of the non-Adamic world, is how the Anglo-Saxon-Keltic-Germanic-Scandinavian peoples have fulfilled Genesis 12:3

…. and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

We can see the non-whites copy the white man: skin whiteners –

One of the first things you will notice when you come to Thailand is how beautiful Thai women are. They are petite and skinny, with long dark hair, doe eyes and beautiful smiles. They are graceful and polite but, most beauty products that also whiten are everywhere in Thailand. A good Thai girl worth her weight in gold wouldn’t even consider buying a beauty product that won’t lighten her skin.

Khun Panya wanted to be beautiful – and that meant having white skin.

contact lenses – all Asians and for that matter, all non-whites, have brown eyes:

If you have dark colored eyes, opaque colored contacts are the only way to completely change your eye color–to go from brown to blue, for example.

hair coloring – copy that which whites can do naturally, from black to red is the most common. All non-whites have black hair.

I see non-whites copy our movies, our industry, our progress, something they can not create on their own. We pump and refine their oil, producing for them their riches: through the jew banksters and corporations, we built our factories in their lands, giving them jobs instead of our own people; they use our invented automobiles, our airplanes, our technology – our phones, our electronics, our medicine; oh my, the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

For example, it is Western demand for products, formerly made in Western nations, most notably the United States, that is creating the growing middle class in China. If we had not, through the jewish promoted (remember Kissinger visiting China back in 1971 during the Nixon presidency? I do) transfer of production and therefore wealth from the Anglo-Saxon United States to the non-white Asian China. The United States has been on a steep and steady decline economically ever since.

If we were using their technology, we would still be using the abacus and the ox cart.

Nations of Central and South America are now trying to attract Westerners to their countries, to bring with them their wealth, their creativity, their ideas, to help develop their nations, their economies, their future. The nation that becomes the New America, the nation that utilizes Western ideals, Western methods, Western ways, will be the nation that prospers the most in the coming years.

We Anglo-Saxon Caucasians have forgotten our heritage, our roots, our uniqueness.

Time to get that racial awareness back. Soon.



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2 Responses to >Racial Awareness

  1. I’m happy to have found a wordpress site that discusses Anglo-Saxon history. My only issue is the confusion with the word Anglo-Saxon. I realize that the term is used without much thought. This is precisely where the false historical narrative most weakens the majority of Brits today. My research has revealed that the Anglos/Angelle were the original Christian inhabitants of the British Isles since the time of the first Christians and even during the life of Jesus. These Anglo Christians were in opposition to the Saxons who were the Arabic Jewish slave trading tribes who operated a world wide slave capturing and ransoming business out of Morocco, but there was also a Northern band of slave trading that was established in the area of Ukraine, and the two were connected, and entered into the British monarchy with Queen Elizabeth the First, and the Black branches of the family entered in with Queen Charlotte of Mecklinburg-Schwartz [Black] . The very name for slave in that area is the same name for ‘Christian’. The idea of slaves being only black was not even known at that time. Slaves were mostly white during most of history, but in reality there was no racial restriction when it came to capturing and ransoming slaves for profit. It is recorded that whites slaves were more valuable than black slaves, so white slaves were sought out until the Christian Knights Templar quashed them for a while.

    The Wessex and Sussex areas are shown, archaeologically to have been places where pirate/slave ships did their business. This will not be spelled out for you by any mainstream scholar. You have to look at the actual unearthings and see for yourself the arrangement of stake holes in the ground, the objects found, and figure out for yourself what these sites were used for. The archaeologists don’t want to speak the obvious, that human beings were kept in chains, tied to stakes and were forced into sex slavery unless their families could pay the ransom. In fact, the very word sex seems to have been derived from these areas, since sex slavery was the norm. This system of capturing and holding slaves for ransom is also the root of the modern usurious banking system. Families were given the option of borrowing money from the slavers at usurious rates as the only way to save their relatives from a lifetime of chains and sex slavery.

    The name given to William the Conqueror signifies what he did. The title ‘Conquistador’ in it’s Latin root, literally means, he who ‘shatters the slavers’, considering that the term ‘Con’ refers to these Saxxon Jewish Arab tribal leaders, the ‘Cohn’. The word Cohn in my Spanish dictionary is defined as ‘pimp’. William was the quasher of the Cohn men.

    It seems that English schools teach the lie that William the Conquerer brought the Jews with him into England. This is exactly the opposite of the truth. William the Conqueror broke up the Jewish/Arab slave trade in England, and restored the lands to the original Christian owners who were known as the Angles/Angelle/Anjou, the same Catholic people who lived and ruled in France. The last undisputed Anjou king of England was Henry II, and if you study the genealogies this is evident. After that, the kings by the name of Edward had Jewish mistresses, most notably the Ferrer. These illegitimate descendants now rule England and the world, and don’t want us to know their history, so they cover up our history. I suspect that Louis Farrakhan [Ferrer-Cohn] is a member of this large family, and has been working diligently to create a race war in America, and has in fact already started it. He is completely focused on slavery to the point of insanity, and is directly responsible for a number of deaths of innocent white people who have been attacked by gangs of blacks under Farrakhan’s influence. Of course, the Saudi Arabs are also of this Jewish family and they own American media, systematically denying a voice to the majority of white Christian Americans.

    To confirm what I am proposing here, anyone can spend some time with both an Encyclopedia of Islam and a historical and geographical guide to Africa, both of which I found in the nearest University Library. The older editions are much superior to the newer editions. The names of the Jewish Arab slave trading tribes are the Khas’rj (Khazarians based out of Korazon), the al Hawari (changed to Howard), and there are a number of others but this is a good start.

    It is this Jewish Arab tribe who created Islam as a schism from the Catholic Church, with a man named Rashid [Rothschild] in a series of crimes and the establishment of an assassination squad, all with the goal of taking control of Alamut which is now The Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, most notably at the time of the Crusades. They have a strategy of issuing propaganda and infiltrating and creating schism in all organizations, all religions. They first entered into British History big time with Queen Elizabeth I, not coincidentally when the persecution of the Catholics and theft of Catholic property went into full swing. There is a painting of QE1 with her attending ladies sitting on pillows on the floor, Arab style. English is an Arabic derivative, many of the words are still the same. Before QE1, French was spoken.

    As for conjecture, I’d say that QE1 herself was probably a man, having taken the place of the real princess Elizabeth who probably died of small pox. There is actually quite a lot of evidence for this which has been published recently in several books about “Elizabeth, the Pirate Queen” and others that detail her/his establishment of an Anti-Catholic secret police and spying network that envelops the world today. These books have all been published within the last ten years, due to secret files that were opened which revealed the magnitude of the Tudor spy system at the time, and how it functioned to make sure that the Catholic Monarchy and population would be forced to flee Europe and settle in America.

    My interest in this derives from the fact that I am a descendant of those Catholics and I am tracing the genealogies in order to understand why they left Europe back in the early 1600’s.

  2. Oops, the above comment has an error, and I can’t find an edit button. The Saxons were not enemies of the Angles, I meant to say. They were obviously together, but this was an error in editing. Please feel free to delete the whole comment. I am working on a better version and posting it on my own site. I am very much enjoying your articles, thank you.

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