>Sarkozy Admits Multiculturalism is a Failure


After pushing multiculturalism for years on the unwilling French, jewish Sarkozy admits multiculturalism “is clearly, yes, a failure.” He joins Angela Merkel of Germany – multiculturalism has “”utterly failed;”and David Cameron of the UK – who said multiculturalism favored “extremism.”

In short, the mixing of races and different peoples has failed in Europe.

How long before American politicians face the reality and admit the mixing of races and cultures within the United States has also been a failure? My guess it will take another civil war before they do, and even then, they will most likely blame white “extremists” for their intolerance.

Civil War II The Coming Break-up of America

Meanwhile, non-whites are sucking the productive whites dry through welfare, food stamps, medical and public school services, etc. How many local municipalities are bankrupt because of non-whites invading their states?

Multiculuralism has failed in the United States too, but no politician has the courage to admit the obvious.

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