>Jewish Militia Training and the New York Times is Silent


Always the victim, never deserving of any of the “persecution” they have received down through the millennia, jews are preparing to defend themselves, this time on American soil.

Imagine if this was a non-jewish group, say Islamics, preparing for the worst that is indeed ahead. The jew owned nearby New York Times would be all over this story – screeching about how the Muslim extremists are lurking about in the woods of upstate New York, planning together to attack jews.

Why is it that jewish Janet Napolitano is not referring to these ex-Israeli soldiers as “possible terrorists?” It was, after all, jews who were arrested after 9/11 with explosives in their van and spotted celebrating on the New Jersey bridge over the destruction they had just witnessed.

We do live in an upside down world, don’t we?



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2 Responses to >Jewish Militia Training and the New York Times is Silent

  1. Anonymous says:

    >They are not training to protect their families, they are training to do to White Americans what they did to the Russians.Death to the jew!

  2. Kerux says:

    >Yes, and most Americans have no knowledge of history and still believe the jews are God's Chosen.No Christians could train like this in Israel, could they? These people are ruining the United States by taking advantage of Anglo-Saxon good will, tolerance and acceptance.

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