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Swedish Racemixing State Propaganda From the YouTube video description with corrections below: “The government of Sweden paid for this video and is broadcasting it in Sweden and is promoting race mixing. It shows a woman having sex with a Negro while singing the … Continue reading

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All Humans Did Not Come From Adam and Eve

Despite the obvious facts, there are those universalists who insist all humans came from Adam and Eve. Here are the facts: 1. Adam and Eve had two sons: Cain, fathered by the Seducer, the devil, and Abel. 2. Cain, a … Continue reading

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Yahshua is Yahweh Come in the Flesh

There are those who don’t accept the fact that Yahshua is Yahweh come in the flesh. They don’t understand that Yahweh was married to Israel, but, due to her unfaithfulness, divorced her. Jeremiah 3:8 And, in order to marry her … Continue reading

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